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Key Laboratories and Platforms
  • Zhejiang Province (“Engineering Center” for short) was rated as “2016 Provincial Key Lab” (Engineering and Technical Research Center) in November 2015 by the Department of Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province and Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission. The Engineering Center is affiliated to the First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical College. Currently, it has 43 scientific research personnel, among which 27 are Vice-senior titled or PhD and 2 are in the Thousand Talents Plan. The Director of the Research Center is Hospital Director Chen Xiaoming and the Director of the Academic Committee is Academician Wang Chen.

    I. Basic Construction of the Engineering Center

    At present, the Engineering Center boasts scientist research instruments and equipment with a total value of 39,740,000 Yuan, 3,112 square meters of spaces for scientific research, 43 scientific research personnel and undertakes 3 national key projects and over 10 provincial science and technology projects. The Engineering Center has already obtained 94 patents /copyrights, where 8 are patents for invention and 86 are software copyrights. Copyrights are applied for plenty of software. Over 90 systems are developed and applied. Systems are interconnected and cover the entire medical system, service system and management system, which have been used by many hospitals domestically with good effects. In 2014, Intelligent Medical Team was set up by Medical Management Service Guidance Center of National Health and Family Planning Commission. As the key member unit, the Engineering Center is responsible for establishing overall framework for evaluation index system for Intelligent Hospital and Intelligent Hospital evaluation indexes.

    II. Main Research Direction and Objectives of the Engineering Center

    The overall objective of the Engineering Research Center of Intelligent Medical Technologies is to make full use of technologies like computer, cloud computing and mobile Internet, conduct research and development on overall solution for the Intelligent Healthcare, to promote such solution in many hospitals throughout the country to form Intelligent Hospital network, and to develop a relatively stable, highly efficient,keen-witted and capable research and innovative team for Intelligent Healthcare with reasonable structure thus become an Engineering Research Center of Intelligent Medical Technologies that boasts not only technical strength and research and development advantages but also could promote and apply research and development results.

    Main objectives include the following three aspects:

    1. Establish overall solution for Intelligent Healthcare

    Intelligent Healthcare is the advanced stage for digital medical development. Its main content includes: Intelligent Hospital System, Intelligent Regional Health System and Intelligent Household Health System. Our research and development of overall solution for Intelligent Healthcare covers hardware and software, the former of which is mainly the development of hardware connected to medical application, such as multi-function self-service machine, self-service clothe change machine for operation room and smart hematomanometer. Research and development of Intelligent Healthcare software mainly includes three parts, namely Intelligent Hospital, Intelligent Regional Health System and Intelligent Household Health System.

    Currently, the key research direction of the Research Center includes the following aspects:

    1) Research on and establish highly replicable Intelligent Hospital information system, mainly including: intelligent clinical application system; intelligent clinical support application system and intelligent administrative and logistics management application system.

    2) Research on and establish innovative intelligent household cloud health system, mainly including: research and development as well as application of health cloud peer-to-peer monitoring system; research and development and application of household health care system based on Internet 2.0 technologies; research and development and application of household electronic health record system based on mobile intelligent terminals.

    3) Research on and establish technical system for high performance medical cloud service platform, mainly including: design, optimization and application of infrastructure of high performance Intelligent Healthcare system; research and application of safety system structure for Intelligent Healthcare cloud system; technical development of Intelligent Healthcare virtualization and solution optimization.

    4) Research on and establish disease predication technical system based on medical big data, mainly including research and development and evaluation of mining algorithm of medical big data; data integration and modeling based on test index network; and establishment of clinical verification and system for disease predication technologies.

    2. Develop and Steel Outstanding Talent Echelon for Intelligent Healthcare System in Zhejiang

    Personnel development of Engineering Research Center of Intelligent Medical Technologies mainly includes three aspects: the first aspect is the development of the existing personnel of the Research Center; the second aspect is the development of students of engineering majored in computer including graduate students and undergraduate students from Wenzhou Medical College and other colleges and universities; the third aspect is providing further education opportunities for personnel engaged in health informationization for national Heath information system, aiming at speeding up hospital informationization and realizing objective of “Intelligent Healthcare”.

    3. Realize promotion and application of overall solution for Intelligent Healthcare, improve medical information level and resolve people’s livelihood issues like “the difficulty and the trouble of getting medical service” to some extent.

    As one of the cooperative units, Lenovo Group may help us transfer the overall solution for Intelligent Healthcare into application results and promote it throughout the whole country. At present, there are six hospitals fully copying our results namely Jiangsu Ganyu District People’s Hospital, Wenzhou Longwan District People’s Hospital, Xinchang People's Hospital, Yongkang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yueqing No. 3 People’s Hospital. Then, we will continue to promote application results to more hospitals throughout the whole country, further facilitate transformation to the Intelligent Hospital, improve medical information level and resolve people’s livelihood issues like “the difficulty and the trouble of getting medical service” to some extent.

    III. Cooperation

    Strategic cooperation agreement was entered into by and between the First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical College and Lenovo Group in March 2014 and Wenzhou Medical College-Lenovo Intelligent Healthcare Research Institute has been established, which implements the concept of “Intelligent Hospital” through exploration of brand new mode of “Hospital-Enterprise Cooperation”.

    To attract and gather excellent academic experts throughout China to jointly study overall solution for Intelligent Healthcare and promote development of Intelligent Healthcare and talents building in Zhejiang, the Engineering Center has set up the open fund, which currently provides funds for 8 open fund projects. At the same time, Professor Chen Yue of USA has set up Big Data Analysis Engineering Center, which sets up computing model through patient data analysis, timely predicts disease development trend and gives early warning alert.

    IV. Results Achieved

    The Engineering Center starts from diagnosis and treatment reservation service, relies on medical process reengineering under informationization, takes improvement of clinical satisfaction by patients as standard, aims at overall construction of Intelligent Hospital, actively practices improvement of medical services, and has achieved significant results. In 2015, the hospital has reached 4,050,000 man time of outpatient service, 70% reservation rate, 84% real-name system rate and 1.953 billion Yuan from self-service machine. Such significant medical service experience wins phrase and recognition of social media, experts at home and abroad. The hospital has been ranked third as the “China Hospital Competitiveness Top 100 Prefecture-level Hospitals” for consecutive three years and ranked third as the “China Hospital Competitiveness Top 50 Best Internet Hospitals” and been shortlisted as the 75thof “China Hospital Competitiveness Top 100 Top-class Hospitals”. The hospital also has been awarded “Qipu Prize” for the innovative medical service in the eight fields of China’s health industry in 2014. Moreover, the project of “No queuing medical service experience” of our hospital has been awarded the Golden Prize for “Customer Service” at the “2015 Asian Hospital Management Award” in Yangon, Myanmar. It has been the only Golden Prize obtained by China’s participating hospitals that year and the first management award abroad for Zhejiang hospitals.

    Figure 4-1:B1 of No.2 Building of the Research Center

    Figure 4-2:F/3 of No.3 Building of the Research Center