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President' s Message
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    Welcome to Wenzhou Medical University. Here our commitment to the pursuit of academic excellence and breakthroughs in medicine goes hand in hand with a practical focus on real-world progress, and the dedication to serving the nation is deeply rooted in a global perspective.

    In WMU, it is our entrenched belief that a truly remarkable university is an institution that fosters a perfect symbiosis between innovation and application. Founded in 1912 as one of China’s earliest higher learning institutions on modern medicine, we have weathered the vicissitudes of time and grown into an academic powerhouse with leading education and research capacities.Furthermore, we always approach research innovation in an applied fashion with a primary focus on translational studies, and have incubated synergic relationships with industry and business.

    Though situated in the regional city of Wenzhou in Zhejiang province, we have played a prominent role in China’s medical circle, and maintained robust relationships with our international colleagues. As an essential component of the national healthcare system, we are the largest healthcare service provider in the region, with 19 affiliated hospitals spread across Zhejiang province that render medical services to a population of over 20 million. Our vigorous attitude towards global cooperation has enabled us to incorporate the foremost international expertise into our endeavors to better serve the people.

    On this international portal, we hope that you can discover more about our university and our lively community. Whether you are a prospective student or potential international partner, we look forward to the many possibilities and opportunities you would bring to us, and hope that we can become part of your future.

    Prof. Li Xiaokun
    Wenzhou Medical University