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In early summer, the song of parting will play. On the morning of June 1st, WMU held the first graduation ceremony in 2022 in the Xuguang Hall at the Chashan Campus to see 2,030 college graduates off to go on a new journey. University leaders including Lyu Yijun, Li Xiaokun, Chen Peigen, Cheng Jinguo, Wang Liangxing, Jin Shengwei, Lyu Wenge, Wang Junhong, Song Weihong, Li Junhong, Zhang Chengbi...

​Recently, Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou Universit...

The National Development and Reform Commission has offici...

 ​Recently, the team of Professor Cai Fuman of the Schoo...

Recently,the Ministry of Education officially approved WM...


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WMU stands out among local and provincial colleges and universities in China in terms of the number of high-level talents such as those who are recruited by the national “Thousand Talents Program”.


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