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We are as busy as bees throughout the year without realizing the end of the year is approaching. It feels like the New Year resolutions were just made yesterday, while it is time for our year-end summary.MissionAll WMUers have bravely undertaken our mission with knowledge and actions, combining study, thinking, practice, and reflection. All teachers and students are concerned about the development ...

Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission issue...

Eleven academicians at home and abroad, more than forty n...

Recently, Clarivate has released the latest ESI rankings....

(Deputy Secretary of the University Party Committee, Che...


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WMU stands out among local and provincial colleges and universities in China in terms of the number of high-level talents such as those who are recruited by the national “Thousand Talents Program”.


International Talents

How to apply?
Candidates can submit the application materials by e-mail or online platform.

Mail box

1. If you want to apply for a job by e-mail, please note: Name+ position, send job materials by attachments.

system platform

2. If you want to apply through the online way, please login registration at system platform: http://zhaopin.wmu.edu.cn/zpsys/ , after registering personal information, selects the position you want.