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Time flies and the end of the year is upon us.Looking back at 2022, WMU has defied the odds and adapted to changes,creating many valuable and exclusive memories for WMUers.Let’s review 2022 through these 22 messages,to experience the joy and outcomes of WMU’s perseverance and progress.1. WMU Pharmacy Teachers' Team Selected as "Huang Danian-style Outstanding Teaching Team of National Universi...

In order to promote the discipline development and exchan...

Recently, Professor Jiang Ke from the School of Psychiatr...

​Recently, the Category 1.1 innovative chemical drug C66...

On December 19, the launch ceremony of the "Alliance in C...


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WMU stands out among local and provincial colleges and universities in China in terms of the number of high-level talents such as those who are recruited by the national “Thousand Talents Program”.


International Talents

How to apply?
Candidates can submit the application materials by e-mail or online platform.

Mail box

1. If you want to apply for a job by e-mail, please note: Name+ position, send job materials by attachments.

system platform

2. If you want to apply through the online way, please login registration at system platform: http://zhaopin.wmu.edu.cn/zpsys/ , after registering personal information, selects the position you want.