National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars (Overseas)

WMU recruits talents from all over the world

  • In order to promote the discipline development and exchanges among of high-level talents, we sincerely invite global talents to apply for the Excellent Young Scientists Fund (overseas) of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and welcome overseas outstanding scholars to join Wenzhou Medical University.

    Established in 2021, the Excellent Young Scientists Fund (overseas) of the National Natural Science Foundation of China aims to attract and encourage overseas outstanding young scholars (including young Chinese scholars without Chinese citizenship) with good achievements in areas such as natural science and engineering technology to return (or come) to China to work. The Fund empowers the scientists to conduct innovative research in their chosen fields, promotes the fast growth of young scientific and technological talents, fosters a number of outstanding talents on the international science frontiers, and contributes to the development of China to become a leader in science and technology.

    01 University Profiles

    Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) is a higher institution under the administration of Zhejiang Provincial Government and a Priority Development University in Zhejiang Province. In 2015, WMU was shortlisted as one of the co-development universities by the Ministry of Education, National Health Commission and Zhejiang Provincial Government. In 2017, it became a Priority Development University in Zhejiang Province. Now WMU has 5 Primary Category Discipline PhD Programs (Clinical Medicine, Basic Medicine Science, Pharmaceutical Science, Biomedical Engineering, Medical Technology) and 1 professional doctorate program in Clinical Medicine, 12 Primary Category Discipline Master Programs (Clinical Medicine, Nursing, Traditional Chinese Pharmacology, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Basic Medical Sciences, Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine, Pharmaceutical Science, Medical Technology, Stomatology, Public Health and Prevention Medicine, Public Management), 7 Professional Master’s Programs (Clinical Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, Stomatology, Nursing, Pharmaceutical Science, Public Health, Applied Psychology), and Postdoctoral Scientific Research Mobile Stations under the Primary Category Discipline of Clinical Medicine and Pharmaceutical Science. WMU ranks 69 in the ESI Chinese University ranking, with 9 disciplines, i.e. Clinical Medicine, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Biology and Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Materials Science, Chemistry, Neuroscience and Behavior, Immunology , and Engineering ranking in the top 1% of the world, among which Clinical Medicine ranks within the global top 1.032‰ and Pharmacology and Toxicology ranks within the global top 1.25‰ in ESI ranking. WMU features 1 State Engineering Technology Research Center, 1 State Engineering Research Center of National Development and Reform Commission, 1 State Key Laboratory co-built by the Ministry of Education and Zhejiang Province, 1 National Research Center for Clinical Medicine (Ophthalmology Diseases), 2 Collaborative Innovation Centers jointly built by the Ministry of Education and Zhejiang Province, 1 Key Laboratory of the State Food and Drug Administration, 2 National International Science and Technology Cooperation Bases, 1 National TCM platform, 34 Provincial or Ministerial scientific research platforms, 2 Provincial Top Priority Disciplines, 3 Provincial Level-A Disciplines of Distinction, 6 Level-B Disciplines of Distinction, 10 Key Disciplines for Colleges and Universities in Zhejiang and 2 Provincial Priority Development Disciplines.

    WMU offers 27 undergraduate programs, 2 "5+3" integrated programs and 1 Chinese-foreign education cooperation program in clinical medicine. At present, the total enrollment of WMU amounts to 15,203 (excluding Wenzhou Medical University Renji College), 6,434 postgraduate students (including 472 doctorate students), 606 international students. WMU has more than 14,000 faculty and staff, including academic appointments of the affiliated hospitals, and over 1,800 of them hold senior professional titles. The main campus of the university has 1,792 full time teachers, of which 479 have senior professional and technical positions, 608 have associate senior professional and technical positions, and 1,369 have doctoral degrees. WMU has 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 academician of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, 2 winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. Many excellent talents were selected in the National Ten Thousand Talents Plan, and as the Young and Middle-Aged Leading Talents in Science and Technology Innovation by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Provincial Super Experts; teachers won the National Scientific and Technological Progress Awards, Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Prize, Science and Technology Prizes of the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation, and were honored as National Outstanding Teachers, National Moral Models, National March Eighth Red Flag Bearer, etc. WMU also has 1 Innovation Team of Ministry of Education, 2 National Higher Education Team of Huang Danian Style, 2 Innovation and Talents-Introduction Bases in Higher Education of the Ministry of Science and Technology (111 Base). WMU was also awarded as the Provincial Advanced Units for valuing talents.

    In recent years, WMU has undertaken more than 1,400 scientific research projects of National level. More than 190 projects have won provincial, ministerial or national prizes, including 1 first prize of State Technological Invention Award, 5 second prizes of State Technological Invention Award, 2 second prizes of National Award for Technological Invention, 1 first prize and 3 second prizes of Technology Award of Ministry of Education, 5 first prizes of Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award, 1 first prize of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association Science and Technology Award, 1 major contribution award of Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Major Progress, 21 first prizes of Zhejiang Science and Technology Award, 1 first prize, 1 second prize and 1 third prize of Human and Social Science Award of Ministry of Education, 1 second prize for Outstanding Outcome Award in Education and Research and 4 first prizes of Zhejiang Philosophical and Social Science Award. WMU has 5 affiliated hospitals, among which 4 are ranked as Level A Tertiary. WMU also has 29 non-directly affiliated teaching hospitals across the province. The Eye Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital and the Second Affiliated Hospital are among the top 100 hospitals selected by Chinese Academy of Medicine based on their technology impact. The Affiliated Eye Hospital ranked 1st for three consecutive years among eye hospitals nationwide.

    02 Application Criteria

    1. Applicants for the Excellent Young Scientists Fund (overseas) should meet the following requirements:

    (1) Abide by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, have good scientific ethics, and uphold the spirit of scientists in the new era;

    (2) Born after January 1, 1983 (inclusive);

    (3) A doctoral degree;

    (4) Research fields: Clinical Medicine, Pharmacy, Biology, Chemistry, Basic Medicine, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Stomatology, Medical Technology, Optical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Environmental Science and Engineering , etc.;

    (5) Prior to March 15, 2023, applicants should have worked in a formal teaching or research position in an overseas university, research institution or research department of a enterprise for more than 36 consecutive months. For those who have obtained a doctoral degree overseas and have made outstanding achievements, the requirement of years of working may be relaxed appropriately;

    (6) Have obtained scientific research or technological achievements recognized by peer experts, and have shown the potential to become academic leaders or outstanding talents in the concerned field;

    (7) The applicant has not returned (come) to China for full-time work, or has returned (come) to China for work after January 1, 2022. The applicants should quit his/her overseas job or have no job overseas and return (come) to China to work full-time for at least 3 years after receiving the grant.

    2. Application Limit

    The requirements and limits on coordinating and connecting national programs for scientific and technological talents set by central government shall apply to the Excellent Young Scientists Fund (Overseas). Applicants shall only apply for or undertake one project among national programs for scientific and technological talents at the same level. Those who have undertaken a project at a higher level may not apply for one at a lower level.

    03 Remuneration and benefits


    Remuneration and benefits

    Successful applicants of the Excellent Young Scientists Fund (overseas)

    1. Research start-up and rdevelopment fund of 3-8 million yuan (including government support);

    2. Apartment purchase subsidy, household subsidy and other subsidies at all levels of about 5 million yuan (including government support);

    3. Standard salary of a academic leader with five social insurances and house funding;

    4. Directly appointed as professor/researcher, granted doctoral supervisor qualification;

    5. Help to arrange spouse's job position and solve children's education and other matters.

    04 Application Time

    System opening time: January 15, 2023

    National application deadline: March 15, 2023 (WMU shall set the deadline in advance)

    05 Application procedure

    For young scholars who are interested in applying for the Fund based on WMU, please send relevant documents via in advance. We will arrange staff for contact as soon as possible. After reaching consensus with WMU, we would assign staff to assist in the follow-up application.

    Relevant documents shall include the following:

    (1) A detailed personal resume, including basic personal information, education and work experience, introduction of main academic achievements, a catalogue of academic achievements, research projects, etc.

    (2) Future work plans and research plans;

    (3) Other relevant materials deemed necessary personally.

    06 Application Instructions

    1. Eligible applicants should sign a work contract or an intent agreement with the supporting organizations according to the requirements, log in to the information system after January 15, 2023, and fill in the Application Form for the Excellent Young Scientists Fund (overseas) of the National Natural Science Foundation online. The applicant should be responsible for the authenticity of the application materials submitted.

    2. The applicant should fill in the application form online in simplified Chinese or English according to the application instruction, and upload relevant attachments and other materials.

    3. The Excellent Young Scientists Fund (overseas) adopts the paperless application method. Applicants shall submit online application form, attachments and impartiality commitment and other documents to the supporting institutions online; the supporting institution shall then review the documents and submitted them to the National Natural Science Foundation online.

    07 Contact Information

    Address: Department of Personnel, Chashan Campus, Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, P.R.China 325035



    (I) Talent Policy Consultation:

    Department of Personnel: Mr. Gao, Phone: 0577-86689737

    (II) Project Application Consultation:

    Technology Department: Mr. Yang, Phone: 0577-86689747

    (III) Relevant Contact Persons for Schools (Hospitals or Departments)


    Contact information

    Contact person



    School of Basic Medical Sciences

    Mr. Liu


    School of Laboratory Medicine and Life Science

    Mr. Xie


    School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

    Mr. Ye


    School of Nursing

    Mr. Liang


    School of Public Health & Management

    Mr. Huang


    School of Psychiatry

    Mr. Qian


    Institute of Aging

    Mr. Liu


    Institute of International Growth Factor Research

    Mr. Huang


    Institute of Genomic Medicine

    Mr. Ji


    Institute of Digital Medicine and Intelligent Technology

    Mr. Zheng


    Scientific Research Center

    Mr. Chen


    The 1st School of Medicine School of Information and Engineering, The 1st Affiliated Hospital of WMU

    Mr. Zheng


    The 2nd School of Medicine, The 2nd Affiliated Hospital and Yuying Childrens Hospital of WMU

    Mr. Zhang



    School of Ophthalmology & Optometry, School of Biomedical Engineering, Eye Hospital, WMU

    Mr. Chen


    School & Hospital of Stomatology, WMU

    Mr. Yang