Undergraduate Education in WMU

  • Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) is authorized to offer 26 programs for undergraduates, including clinical medicine (5-year and 8-year program), Optometry Medicine & Ophthalmology (5-year and 8-year program),medical imaging, pediatric medicine, stomatology, preventive medicine, clinical pharmacy, rehabilitation science, nursing, biological science, traditional Chinese medicine, psychological medicine, applied psychology,public health management and awarding bachelor degree in medicine, science, engineering and management, respectively.

    WMU has a current enrollment of 15,851 undergraduate students. Since the founding of university, since 1958,it has cultivated over 300,000 senior medical personnel across China and many other countries and regions in the world, and brought up a great number of renown national leaders and prestigious experts and scholars in medicine.

    In the future, WMU will continue to improve education  quality, deepen teaching reform, innovate the cultivating mode of talents, dedicate to create and disseminate knowledge, cultivate high-caliber professionals with leading mind-set and competency, and shape qualified builders and reliable successors of socialism.