International PhD Program

  • Degrees and their abbreviations:

      Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy
      M.M - Master of Medicine
      M.S. - Master of Science
      M.Eng. - Master of Engineering

    WMU currently offers 6 doctoral programs for doctoral graduates.


    Partner University

    Joint Double PhD Degree Program

    Lund University (Sweden)

    Zhoujian Postgraduate Research   Scholarship Program

    The   University of Queensland (Australia)

    Split PhD Program

    Queensland University of Technology (Australia)

    Split PhD Program

    University of Brighton (UK)

    Pharmacology and Toxicology Joint PhD   Program

    University   of Louisville (USA)

    Foreign Doctor Degree Project in MS/OD   in Optometry & Ophthalmology

    New England College of Optometry (USA)