6-Year Dual Medical Degree Program

  • WMU-MUL Dual Degree Program

    A. Program Overview

    Six-year dual medical degree program is a joint English program conducted by Wenzhou Medical University(WMU) and the Medical University of Lublin(MUL), Poland. The duration of this program is 6 years. Students of this program are supposed to study basic science in WMU for the 1st year, and for the 2nd ,3rd and 4th year they are asked to study basic medicine in MUL, while during the last two years(5th &6th year) they will come back to the affiliated hospitals of WMU to do their internships. After their graduation, they will obtain two medical degrees: one is MBBS from WMU and another is MD from MUL, which is recognized all over the world.

                    Wenzhou Medical University Medical University of Lublin

    B. Program Details

    Academic Year










    Affiliated Hospitals of WMU


    Basic Science

    Basic Medicine

    Clinical Medicine



    After graduation, you will be given:

    -MBBS Degree(Bachelor of Medicine &Bachelor of Surgery) from WMU;

    -MD Degree (Doctor of Medicine)from MUL

    C. Advantages of the Program

    • Worldwide recognized dual medical degrees

    • Obtain medical license with MBBS degree from Wenzhou Medical University in China, the best way to enter Chinese market with 1.5billion population.

    • Graduating from the English program of the Medical University of Lublin will enable you to take the English medical licensing examinations in Poland without Polish certifications.

    • Polish Medical License can be verified by other EU countries with language certifications.

    • Graduates are approved to take medical licensing examinations in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Thailand and other countries around the world.

    • Over 80% medical license exam passing rate of the graduates from both medical schools of the dual program.

    • Opportunities to experience both Chinese and European cultures

    • Opportunities to get involved in the medical systems of Europe, Asia, and North America.

    • The Dual program has been working with the Hope Medical Institute permanently, our students can take the USMLE in MUL. After passing the Step 1 of USMLE, they are allowed to apply the internships of the following associated hospitals in the U.S and Canada:

      Wyckoff Heights Medical Center(New York)

      St. John’s Episcopal Hospital(New York)

      Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center(New York)

      Kaleida Health System(New York)

      Interfaith Medical Center(New York)

      Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center(New York)

      LaGrange Memorial Hospital(Illinois)

      Weiss Memorial Hospital(Illinois)

      Adventist Hinsdale Hospital(Illinois)

      Brentwood Hospital(Illinois)

      Regina General Hospital(Canada)

    D.Program Development

    • 2011-2015, WMU and MUL discussed about the feasibility and possibility of the program.

    • 2016.3, WMU got the approval for Dual MBBS Program by Chinese Ministry of Education and both parties signed the contract

    • 2016.10, the first batch students, 4 students(from UAE, German, Korea and Thailand) in total, came to study in WMU.

    • 2016.12, WMU&MUL attended the 3rd Conference for the China- CEC Association of Universities and Colleges. Vice presidents from both universities delivered speeches on the conference and MUL delegation visited WMU after the conference.

    • 2017.3, Mr. GrzegorzCzelej, Deputy Speaker of the Polish Senate came to Wenzhou for a business visit and witnessed the dual degree program cooperation agreement ceremony which was signed by Prof. Wojciech Zaluska, Dean of II Faculty of Medicine of MUL, and Lu Fan, president of WMU

    • 2017.9, a delegation of WMU visited MUL, and Dr. Przemyslaw Czarnek, Govenor of Lublin Province, attended the signing ceremony for the Exchange & Cooperation Agreement between WMU and MUL.

    • 2017.10, the second batch students, 6 students(from German, Thailand, Myanmar and India) were enrolled in the program.

    • 2018.7, staff of MUL came to WMU to visit the 2nd batch students and had a short meeting with them

    • 2018.10, the third batch students, 9 in total(from German, Spain, UK, Thailand and Myanmar)

    • 2018.10, representatives of MUL attended the 60th Anniversary of WMU and visited the 3rd batch dual degree students.

    To get more information about international students application please visit School of International Studies, WMU