• WMU shines at the 14th Zhejiang College Students' Medical Skills Competition, winning 5 gold, 5 silver, 7 bronze awards
  • Author:Academic Affairs Office, Renji College    Date:April 30, 2024
  • Recently, the clinical medicine track of the 14th Zhejiang College Students’ Medical Skills Competition was held at Wenzhou Medical University. Meanwhile, the track of preventive medicine was held at Hangzhou Normal University, and the track of traditional Chinese medicine was held at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. It is delighted that the participating team from our university (including Renji College) won five gold awards, five silver awards, and seven bronze awards.

    The competition, sponsored by the Zhejiang College Students’ Science and Technology Competition Committee, aims to cultivate scientific thinking, practical capability, innovative spirits, and teamwork among medical students. It has attracted students from all over the province. A total of 160 students (40 teams) from 15 universities participated in the clinical medicine track, 40 students (10 teams) from 5 universities competed in the preventative medicine track, and 80 students (20 teams) from 4 universities took part in the traditional Chinese medicine track.

    The clinical medicine track covered internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, orthopedics, emergency care, nursing and so on. It mainly examined the clinical thinking, doctor-patient communication, humanistic concerns, and team cooperation of the participants, which reflected the medical education emphases on basic clinical theory, basic clinical knowledge, and basic clinical skills.

    The preventive medicine track was divided into two parts in the morning and afternoon. It comprehensively assessed the participants’ theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and team cooperation through basic public health operations, case analysis, data analysis, and theoretical question-and-answer sessions.

    The traditional Chinese medicine track consisted of theoretical contest and skills contest, containing basic theory and knowledge, history taking, syndrome differentiation analysis, TCM diagnosis skills, physical examination, auxiliary examination and interpretation, western medicine operation skills, acupuncture and tuina skills, Chinese medicine identification and knowledge, herbal preparation knowledge and application, and so on.

    After fierce competition, WMU teams (including Renji College) won three gold awards and two silver awards in the track of clinical medicine, one gold award and one silver award in the track of preventive medicine, and one gold award, two silver awards, and seven bronze awards in the track of traditional Chinese medicine.

    The Zhejiang College Students’ Medical Skills Competition has been successfully held for 14 times since it became a key competition of the Zhejiang Education Department in 2010. It has become a signature project of medical education in Zhejiang province and an important platform for medical colleges to display teaching results and exchange experiences. The event gives full play to the positive role of competitions in promoting reform, teaching, and learning, fostering the development of medical talents in Zhejiang province.