• WMU ranks first for the eighth consecutive year in the national ranking of medical undergraduate competitions!
  • Author:School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship    Date:April 22, 2024
  • Recently, the Chinese Association of Higher Education's Expert Working Group on University Competition Evaluation and Management System Research released the "2023 National College Student Competition Analysis Report". Wenzhou Medical University has secured the top position in the national ranking of medical undergraduate competitions for the eighth consecutive year.

    The National College Student Competition Ranking is the research achievement of the expert working group on university competition evaluation and management system under China Association of Higher Education, and is also the first ranking focusing on the outcomes of innovative talent cultivation in universities in China. The ranking is based on students’ performance in 84 competitions, including the China International College Students’ Innovation Competition (formerly the "Internet+" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition), the "Challenge Cup" National College Student Extracurricular Academic and Technological Works Competition, the "Challenge Cup" Chinese College Students' Business Plan Competition, and the Chinese College Students' Medical Technology and Skills Competition. Focusing on the construction of "four new", the list of competitions is dynamically adjusted to drive quality improvement. Following the principles of fairness, justice, and openness, the working group has adopted a quality-centered and cautious approach to evaluate contributions from universities in three aspects: awards, organization, and research. The list has been released every year since 2017, which has attracted widespread attention from the public.

    WMU has always attached great importance to the work of undergraduate discipline competitions. It has established a special committee for undergraduate discipline competition work, setting up a joint management mechanism within various departments to build a "community" for discipline competition work. To encourage teachers and students to take part in national competitions, the university has revised and implemented policies such as the “Administrative Measures for the Performance Evaluation of Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Work”, established 28 bases for undergraduate discipline competitions, and set up an innovation and entrepreneurship education fund, providing full support in terms of policy, institutional safeguard, and funding. WMU has won 11 gold awards and received the national "Advanced Collective Award" (only 20 recipients in the country) and the collective award of the "Youth Red Dream Journey" track in the China International College Students Innovation Competition. In the national "Challenge Cup" competitions, the university has won 22 national special awards (gold awards) and received the national "Challenge Cup" winning cup 8 times. In discipline competitions such as the College Students' Medical Technology and Skills Competition, WMU students have won a total of 171 national awards in the past five years, including 18 grand prizes and gold awards. Three students won the China Adolescents Science and Technology Innovation Awards, and one innovation and entrepreneurship team was recognized as the "Xiaoping Science and Technology Innovation Team" of national college students.

    Text translated by Fu Meifeng and reviewed by Sun You.