• WMU Establishes Parent College to Promote School-Family Collaboration
  • Author:Student Affairs Office    Date:April 5, 2024
  • Recently, Wenzhou Medical University has established a Parent College to further strengthen school-family collaboration, promote joint efforts in education, and safeguard the well-being of students. Wang Junhong, deputy secretary of the CPC WMU Committee, and Li Junhong, member of the CPC WMU Committee and head of the Publicity Department (Department of Teacher Affairs), attended the launching ceremony. Representatives from the Wenzhou Education Bureau, heads of the WMU Student Affairs Department and various secondary colleges, directors of student affairs offices, counselors, and parent representatives participated in the event.

    Wang Junhong stated that Wenzhou Medical University has always placed great importance on school-family partnerships and adopted a series of practical and effective measures to strengthen communication and exchange with parents. The establishment of the Parent College is another innovative practice of WMU in family education and school-family connection, marking a new step forward in strengthening school-family collaboration at WMU. He hoped that the university and parents could work together to carry out various beneficial activities, contributing to the healthy growth of students.

    The event featured the launching ceremony of the college, the appointment of mentors, and the establishment of the college council. Twelve senior experts from the fields of family education, lifelong education, and mental health were appointed as mentors of the Parent College to provide professional educational guidance and support to parents.

    "I am not you, but I want to understand you"... Zhu Wan'er, a clinical psychology professor at Zhejiang University, gave a lecture titled "How Families Shape Individuals." From the perspective of parents, she integrated vivid real-life examples into professional theories, guiding parents to understand their families and students, as well as their own roles, and better support the growth of students.

    According to a recent survey on parent-child relationships initiated by the WMU Mental Health Education Center during the 2024 winter vacation, which yielded more than 1,200 valid questionnaires, “Generation Z” college students and their parents faced challenges such as lack of communication, differences in values, and divergent expectations for the future.

    The Parent College of Wenzhou Medical University will serve as a bridge and bond between parents and children. It will organize more informative and interesting parent classes and engaging offline parent workshops. It will also utilize the resources of its mentor team to cooperate with local primary and secondary schools and provide guidance, promoting the integrated development of family education at all educational levels.

    Text translated by Yang Naibing and reviewed by Sun You