• WMU boasts 8 new provincial first-class undergraduate international courses
  • Author:School of International Studies    Date:April 15, 2024
  • Recently, the Education Department of Zhejiang Province announced the third batch of provincial-level first-class undergraduate international courses. The School of International Studies of Wenzhou Medical University had successfully spearheaded the application and eight courses were included in the list. Up to now, WMU has 22 provincial-level first-class undergraduate international courses in total.

    In recent years, WMU has actively improved the construction of an international curriculum system and the development of teaching resources, taking the internationalization innovation of curriculum as a method, and driving the development of programs with curriculum construction. The quality of international courses has been continuously improved through various approaches such as the mixed teaching mode combining online and offline learning, and international teaching cooperation. In the future, WMU will focus on improving the quality of education for overseas students in China, further promote the construction of an international curriculum system, continue to increase investment in first-class international undergraduate courses and contribute to the university’s open school-running and the cultivation of outstanding international talents.

    Text translated by Zhang Na and reviewed by Sun You.