• Keywords for the Year 2023
  • Author:    Date:December 31, 2023
  • We are as busy as bees throughout the year without realizing the end of the year is approaching. It feels like the New Year resolutions were just made yesterday, while it is time for our year-end summary.


    All WMUers have bravely undertaken our mission with knowledge and actions, combining study, thinking, practice, and reflection. All teachers and students are concerned about the development of our country and the well-being of the people and keep an eye on the NPC and CPPCC Sessions. In the new year, WMU will continue to forge ahead, transform the enthusiasm motivated by the education campaigns into the driving force for the university’s high-quality development, and produce excellent achievements.

    1. Education campaign

    2. Heated discussion on the two sessions

    3. The Belt and Road

    4. Publicity


    Spring is approaching, and the mountains are about to turn green, with ceaselessness as their essence and innovation as their principle. WMU students will never be alone on the road exploring the truth about the human body. The university works harder than you so as to not disappoint your efforts. In the new year, WMU will stand together with all the teachers and students to make breakthroughs and achieve fruitful results.

    1. 1‰

    2. Five awards

    3. Big platforms

    4. Grade A tertiary hospital

    5. +1 Nature

    6. New progress

    7. Each one has his good points


    It’s like a boat race where hundreds of sailors row hard to win. WMU students have braved winds and waves of questions in study, demonstrated their sporting skills on the playground, and achieved common progress with both team members and competitors in academic competitions. They have given wonderful performances in their youth and lightened up the race with their passion. Every student of WMU has tried their best in their field and made significant progress.

    1. Peopleˊs Daily

    2. Well-rounded development

    3. Provincial Top 10 Students

    4. High achievers

    5. WMU Top 10 Students

    6. WMU’s Seventh “Winner’s Cup” Award

    7. Medical students’ study notes

    8. Fight hard


    WMU would like to be a dedicated sower, developing well-rounded education in universities, advocating for adhering to ethics… WMU has taken on the responsibility of making every positive effort take root, sprout, and fully bloom. At the annual meeting of general practice medicine, we discussed how grassroots doctors can improve themselves; At the Medical Wenzhouese Conference, we gave suggestions to accelerate the construction of a high-tech innovation highland for the life and health industry in Wenzhou; At the World Young Scientist Summit, we worked together to promote the better and vigorous development of the life and health industry… With all these efforts, WMU has always believed that through extensive and meticulous cultivation, we will eventually reap a harvest of medical development.

    Time is like an unstoppable song, that produces generations of talents and witnesses them gathering. In the scorching June, we celebrated the 65th anniversary of the founding of the university and bade farewell to the graduates. Fresh blood rushes into the pulse of WMU and will be pumped silently to all directions. It is like the sacred flame held by the torchbearer of the Asian Games, which is passed down from generation to generation. All these will encourage WMU to sow a hundred seeds and nurture millions of people in the new year.

    1. Suzhi education (Well-rounded education)

    2. Upholding ethics, promoting health

    3. Wenzhou people in medical fields

    4. World Young Scientist Summit

    5. General practice

    6. Inheritance

    7. Hangzhou Asian Games


    Looking up at the stars, you will see WMUers’ longstanding wish to love and help the world shining in the night sky; looking down at your heart, you will feel WMUers’ courage and sincerity to shoulder responsibility. In the past year, WMUers have been dedicated and diligent in their work and made remarkable achievements in voluntary donations, education support in Xinjiang, and other fields. They have earnestly practiced WMU’s motto, infected the public with actions, melted barriers with enthusiasm, and made more people join hands with WMU to warm this bustling world.

    1. Organ donation

    2. Dedication

    3. Professional ethics

    4. Fine example of pursuing teacher’s virtue

    5. Role model

    6. The most beautiful people

    7. Commendation

    8. Unknow to the public


    This year, I saw your confusion and depression in WeChat Moments late at night so I respected your action of starting again after sorting out your mood; I felt sorry for you when you were too busy to have meals, and I was amazed by how you arranged your study, experiments, exercise…. in an orderly manner; I saw your occasional failure and hesitance and appreciated your courage to take another step… This year, we witnessed you looking up at the road, working hard, achieving progress, and becoming a better you.

    1. Commitment

    2. AI

    3. Good things will happen

    4. Postgraduate entrance exam

    Only by seeing the light, chasing the light, and becoming the light with perseverance and steadiness, can you achieve your desires and find a royal road.

    The days are like new light, and the New Year will be better than the old.

    There will be many unexpected stories in the future,

    but even if the path ahead is unclear,

    you can still choose to be the best version of yourself.

    To think, to act, to meet, to explore!

    Whether life is easy or challenging,

    every step you take is a leap of hope,

    just like every bonfire blazing in a winter’s night,

    is a warm greeting to the spring.

    May all your efforts bring success.

    May your 2024 be filled with happiness and good news.


    Text translated by Sun You.