• WMU Holds Opening Ceremony for Class of 2023 International Students
  • Author:School of International Studies    Date:November 13, 2023
  • On the afternoon of October 30, Wenzhou Medical University held a grand opening ceremony for the international students of the Class of 2023 in the lecture hall of the Biomedical Research Building. 84 undergraduate and postgraduate students from 48 countries including the United States, Britain, Canada, Singapore, Jamaica, Morocco, Myanmar, and Thailand, gathered to start a new journey of pursuing their dreams.

    Zhu Xuebo, a member of the Party Committee and vice president of the university, attended the ceremony, along with the heads of relevant functional departments and faculty representatives from various schools. The ceremony was hosted by Jin Litai, dean of the School of International Studies.

    On behalf of the university, Zhu Xuebo expressed a warm welcome and heartfelt congratulations to the international students who sailed across the ocean to pursue their studies at Wenzhou Medical University. "This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative. Humankind is a community with a shared destiny. China can only do well when the world is doing well. When China does well, the world will get even better. " She said that each student bears an important responsibility of the times and expressed her expectations for the freshmen. First, students should take the initiative to learn, master a way of thinking that integrates comprehensive knowledge, and become innovative youth who lead the trend of the times. Students were encouraged to gain access to research platforms such as national key laboratories, as well as affiliated hospitals and community health centers, join interest groups and club activities, learn innovative methods, cultivate a sense of innovation, explore the mysteries of life, and reveal the secrets of health. Second, students should actively communicate and learn from their schoolmates from different countries and be goodwill ambassadors of cultural exchanges. They should fit in the campus environment as soon as possible and feel the enterprising spirit and vitality of Wenzhou. Students were encouraged to feel China through personal experience, tell China’s stories well, spread China's experience, and make China's voice heard. Third, students should be global citizens with a breadth of vision and face the common challenges of mankind with an open and positive attitude. Students were expected to embrace the global landscape of a shared future with an open mind and hard work and jointly contribute to the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

    Teacher Representative Zhu Saiping encouraged students to enjoy their new life in China, set learning goals, unleash their youthful potential, work hard, and realize their dreams. As a teacher of TCSL (Teaching of Chinese as a Second Language), she also encouraged these students to learn Chinese well, make more Chinese friends, experience Chinese culture, and integrate into Chinese life.

    "These days I started to explore the surrounding towns, amazing food places, shared bikes everywhere. It feels great." Berke Nihat Akay, an undergraduate student representative from Turkey, marveled at the vitality of the university town, and hoped that everyone would quickly fit in the campus life, devote themselves to pursuing knowledge, medical benevolence and excellence, treat everyone equally, and create borderless medical services together.

    "As a Chinese Government Scholarship awardee, I am grateful for the scholarship provided by China so that I can concentrate on my studies. I would also like to thank the teachers of Wenzhou Medical University for their guidance and care." SAIBOU BALKISSOU SEEBO, a postgraduate freshman representative from Cameroon, recalled her undergraduate studies at WMU and shared her gains and feelings. She encouraged everyone to keep a positive mindset no matter what kind of difficulties and frustrations they face, and never underestimate one’s potential while chasing dreams.

    "The moment I step into the hallowed medical institution, I pledge solemnly..." All the new students stood up and solemnly recited the Hippocratic Oath under the guidance of Dr. Chen Hao from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, vowing to devote oneself to becoming an excellent medical student.

    At the ceremony, teachers from various departments awarded school badges to the international freshmen representatives. The small golden badge reflects the 65-year history of Wenzhou Medical University which has gone through wind and rain and achieved fruitful results. Wearing the university’s badge, the students will deeply understand the spirit of "compassion, reverence, diligence, modesty, making efforts and seeking truth" that generations of WMUers have adhered to and strive to create WMUers’ new splendor in the new era.

    "What a beautiful jasmine flower..." The ceremony came to an end with the melodious singing of the international students.

    Text translated by Yang Naibing and reviewed by Sun You