• WMU Establishes an International Center for Health Education of Women and Children
  • Author:Trade Union and Women's Federation    Date:November 3, 2023
  • On the morning of October 24, the International Center for Health Education of Women and Children, Wenzhou Medical University, was inaugurated in the conference room on the fourth floor of the Tongxin Building in the Chashan Campus. The center is committed to promoting the development of international women and children's rights and interests, building a Chinese-foreign cooperation platform, sharing high-quality resources in education and medical care, and further creating a multi-form, all-round and sustainable brand of women and children's health education through disciplinary education, joint scientific research, people-to-people exchanges, and public welfare medical services.

    Academician and WMU President Li Xiaokun met with Joseph Kulwa Kahama, Secretary-General of Tanzania-China Friendship Promotion Association, and Dong Qixin, executive director of Ambo Zhiyuan International Cultural Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and vice chairperson of the Culture and Education Committee of the Lancang-Mekong Development Foundation, and exchanged ideas on cooperation in women and children, health education, medical public welfare, and other areas.

    At the establishment ceremony, Chen Peigen, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Wenzhou Medical University, delivered a welcome speech. Chen Aiying, member of the leading Party members group and vice chairperson of Wenzhou Women's Federation, delivered a speech. Li Junhong, member of the WMU Party committee, director of the Publicity Department, and executive vice chairperson of the WMU Women's Federation, presided over the ceremony. The heads of relevant administration departments and schools, together with representatives of teachers and students, participated in the activity.

    Joseph Kulwa Kahama said that the Belt and Road Initiative has brought true benefits to Tanzania and other African countries in terms of connectivity in infrastructure, trade, and other aspects. In recent years, Tanzania and Wenzhou Medical University have achieved good cooperation fruits in the "Angel of Life for African" midwifery assistant training program. He hoped to take the establishment of this Center as an opportunity to continuously promote greater progress in health care, science and technology, education and other fields and usher in more fruitful results for China-Tanzania cooperation.

    Chen Peigen said that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative. Over the past ten years, WMU has actively responded to the Belt and Road Initiative and attached great importance to the development of women and children. Relying on the superior disciplines and medical resources of the university and its affiliated hospitals, WMU has done a lot of effective work in teaching, scientific research, medical treatment, public service and other aspects. With the establishment of the Center, Chen hoped that we could deepen our understanding of and attach great importance to work related to women and children, seize cooperation opportunities, write a chapter of win-win cooperation following the Belt and Road Initiative, promote WMU’s in-depth implementation of foreign cooperation projects in women and children, health education, medical public welfare, foreign aid and other aspects, and strive to open up new prospects for high-quality development of work related to women and children.

    Chen Aiying said that the establishment of the Center is not only another important measure to promote the high-quality development of women and children in our city but also a practical action to implement the initiative of "jointly building a community with a shared future for mankind". In the future, the Municipal Women's Federation will continue to integrate resources, give full play to the platform advantages of the International Wenzhounese Women's Association, combine the exploration and practice of child-friendly city construction, actively support the construction of the Center, promote the creation of more international women and children's health education brands with Wenzhou characteristics, and contribute Wenzhou women's strength to improving the health and well-being of women and children in the world.

    At the scene, Wenzhou Medical University, Tanzania-China Friendship Promotion Association, and Ambo Zhiyuan International Culture Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement. In the future, the Center will actively promote international cooperation in women and children, health education, medical public welfare and other areas, promote the establishment of "overseas centers" in Lancang-Mekong region and African countries, jointly develop training courses such as "African midwives (assistants)" and other activities, and constantly deepen international women and children's health care projects. WMU will also work with Tanzania to promote the development of the midwifery training program in Africa as well as the wound repair project and carry out lasting cooperation on medical education.

    At the meeting, Joseph Kulwa Kahama was appointed as an honorary overseas advisor of WMU, and Dong Qixin was appointed as an alumna ambassador.

    Chinese and foreign students from our university read out the Global Health Education Initiative for Women and Children in the meeting.

    Text translated by Fu Xinyi and reviewed by Sun You.