• Love together, stay together! WMUers’ special holiday
  • Author:News Center    Date:October 16, 2023
  • During the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday, while most people were enjoying the festivities, some of the faculty members and staff at WMU devoted themselves to contest management, classification and operation, coordination of arrival and departure information, and foreign receptions in the Asian Games venues and the Asian Games Village, contributing their efforts to the Asia Games.

    (First from the left: Chen Li)

    Chen Li, from the Department of Sports Science, served as the competition technical operation director of the operation team at the Shaoxing Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium. He is a national A-level referee, technical representative of NBL and WCBA, and referee of CBA, WCBA, and NBL, who currently holds the title of deputy director of the Referee Committee of Zhejiang Basketball Association. With competition running as the core, his main job responsibilities included coordinating 21 competition venue areas and ensuring all the preparation and service work for the competition. "What touched me most was a sense of pride at the moment of playing and singing the national anthem during the opening ceremony and at the competition venue. Our competition technical operation team has successfully completed the tasks without mistakes, which resulted in a feeling of sweetness in my heart and made me feel that it's all worthwhile!" As the competition technical operation director, he will keep following the post-game work including registering and putting competition equipment in storage, archiving text and video materials, and reviewing competition technical reports.

    (First from the left: Wang Shoudu)

    In the Lin'an Sports Culture & Exhibition Center, Wang Shoudu, also from the Department of Sports Science, served as the manager of the Taekwondo training warm-up venue for the Hangzhou Asian Games. As an international-level Taekwondo referee, he has many years of professional teaching and referee experience and worked as a referee for the Chengdu World University Games this year. During the Asian Games, his task was to guarantee the security and comfort of the sports teams and provide favorable conditions for athletes so that they could make the most of their skills in the competition. "I have been seconded to Hangzhou to fulfill the work for one and a half years. Though it was tough, I was also grateful to gain this experience. Witnessing the Chinese team winning the championship and our national flag flying at the Lin'an venue five times, I was overtaken by special pride. A country is strong when it is strong on sports. Our motherland has expressed its strength through sports."

    (Second from the left: Yang Lizhu)

    (From the left to right in the back row: Yu Qiuyan and Li Xiaoyan)

    Yang Lizhu from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Yu Qiuyan from the School of Public Health and Management, and Li Xiaoyan from the Renji College had been seconded to the Classification Center of the Hangzhou Asian Para Games since early July this year and participated in information and logistics support services. Yang Lizhu who was recently dispatched to the Asian Games Competition Center said, “Although it took up my vacation, I cherish the rare opportunity and offer patient and meticulous service to everyone. I will try my best to continuously contribute my strength to the Asian Games and the upcoming Asian Para Games in the following month.”

    Fan Jialiu, from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, was a member of the technical officer service team of the Competition Command Center of Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee. She was responsible for the arrangement of all aspects of services including uniform, accommodation, and transport for over 200 international technical officers regarding 11 events, such as archery, canoe, tennis, kabaddi, and shooting. The Competition Command Center of the Competition was ablaze with lights every night. During the event, she worked seven days a week and stayed at work until after 10 pm every day. "This is a great honor and pride for me. Even though facing sheer exhaustion, I was still full of fighting will."

    (Left: Guo Wenjing from the School of Basic Medical Sciences)

    (Left: Fu Limin from the School of Nursing)

    (Left: Chen Yanman from the First Affiliated Hospital)

    (Left: Zhang Zanhua from the Second Affiliated Hospital)

    (Fu Huanhuan from the affiliated Hospital of Stomatology)

    (Second from the left: Yu Ruilong from the affiliated Eye Hospital)

    Since mid-June, six faculty members from the School of Basic Medical Sciences, the School of Nursing, and affiliated hospitals of WMU have been seconded to Hangzhou to take charge of the management and coordination of the arrival and departure management system and personnel itinerary analysis system. Their work provided various departments with real-time itinerary information of competition participants. "This opportunity has given me a new experience which is different from clinical work. The job includes coordination and communication with NOCs and NPCs from 45 countries and regions, which requires me to keep learning new knowledge and facing new challenges. As the Asian Games are coming to an end, we will better prepare ourselves to work for the Asian Para Games.” Said Chen Yanman from the First Affiliated Hospital.

    (First from the left: Liu Xiangqian)

    Liu Xiangqian, from the School of Psychiatry, has been working in the Concierge Service Center of the Asian Games Village Operation Team for more than four months. The preparations for the Asian Games were busy and fulfilling. As one of the managers of the delegation welcome center, he and his team were given the mission to offer the members of the delegation the warmest welcome and best memory. Their job determined the delegation's first impression of the Asian Games Village. "I will persist in working at the front line of the Asian Games and trying my best to fulfill the mission. I wish the Hangzhou Asian Games a complete success."

    Text translated by Xu Nuoyan and reviewed by Sun You