• Topping the Country for 9 Consecutive Years! WMU Won 9 NSSFC Projects
  • Author:Department of Social Science    Date:October 5, 2023
  • Recently, the National Office of Philosophy and Social Sciences announced the list of the approved projects of the National Social Science Fund of China (NSSFC) in 2023. WMU won nine projects in total, which is an increase of four on last year, including seven general projects and two youth projects. The number of approved projects of WMU has ranked first among independent medical schools in our country for nine consecutive years.

    It is known that the NSSFC has supported 4,790 projects this year. WMU submitted 27 proposals and the approval rate reached 33.3%, which is much higher than the national average. The projects approved involve five disciplines, including two in education, two in sociology, two in management, two in demography, and one in Chinese history.

    As the most prestigious research program in social sciences in China, NSSFC plays an important guiding, authoritative, and exemplary role. WMU has always attached great importance to the application and management of NSSFC projects, and provided meticulous services throughout the whole process of project application, including extensive mobilization, topic selection and demonstration, expert lectures, precise tutoring, and team assistance. The university combines the characteristics of itself and disciplines with theoretical and practical issues, effectively improving the quality of the application for NSSFC projects. The approval of the NSSFC projects this year will further strengthen the characteristics and advantages of public administration, nursing, applied psychology, and other disciplines of WMU, improve the academic innovation capabilities, enhance the scientific research level, and promote the construction of first-class disciplines in social sciences.

    Text translated by Yu Yena and reviewed by Sun You.