• WMU puts in excellent performance at the 8th CUSLC
  • Author:    Date:September 15, 2023
  • Recently, the 8th China Undergraduate Sciences Life Contest (CUSLC) ended. After the fierce competition of qualification review, preliminary online evaluation, semi-final online evaluation, and open finals, WMU won a total of 5 national first prizes, 6 second prizes and 24 third prizes in the two tracks of innovation and entrepreneurship and scientific inquiry. What’s more, WMU won the Excellent Organization Award in both tracks, marking the university’s first "Grand Slam" since its participation in the CUSLC.

    The 8th CUSLC adopted a combination of online review and offline defense, which fully strengthened the participants’ ability to explain their projects and conduct face-to-face defense, as well as their mental qualities. In the competition, our participating teams made presentations of their projects with well-prepared slides in a confident manner. In the face of the judges' questions, the contestants gave answers calmly and clearly, showing the scientific research abilities and spirit of our students. Finally, WMU achieved excellent results in the CUSLC 2023.

    The China Undergraduate Sciences Life Contest is a top authoritative event in the field of life sciences in colleges and universities in China, which is also one of the 57 national high-level discipline competitions recognized by the Ministry of Education. The competition this year lasted for ten months. In the process of preparation, the School of Laboratory Science and Life Science, as the base of the life science competition of WMU, actively mobilized and organized the 73 participating teams to conduct the opening defense, and carefully prepared for different stages of the competition. From the proposal to the roadshow, a number of experts and teachers were invited to provide online and offline guidance to the participating teams. The results of the competition also reflected WMU’s achievements in cultivating students' practical abilities, innovation awareness, and team spirit.

    Text translated by Zhangna and reviewed by Sun You.