• WMU Holds the first 2023 Graduation Ceremony for Undergraduates and Junior College Students
  • Author:    Date:June 16, 2023
  • The Class of 2023 is on the threshold of a new journey and will sail toward a brighter future. On the morning of May 30, WMU held the first commencement 2023 in the student activity center at the Chashan campus to see 1920 college graduates off to embark on a new journey. University leaders including Lyu Yijun, Li Xiaokun, Chen Peigen, Cheng Jinguo, Cao Jianming, Jin Shengwei, Lyu Wenge, Wang Junhong, and Zhu Xuebo attended the ceremony. Heads of relevant departments and schools, representatives of teachers and alumni, as well as all graduates, took part in the ceremony to witness this solemn occasion. The ceremony was presided over by Cheng Jinguo, deputy secretary of the WMU Party committee.

    The ceremony began with a medley of songs "To the End of the World" by representatives of teachers, instructors of graduates, and graduate students.

    "The destiny of young people is always closely connected with the times. The passion of youth is resonating with the great times of our motherland." Li Xiaokun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of WMU, encouraged the graduates to set sail bravely from the port of WMU on a new voyage. Li urged the students to have the motherland in mind, aim high, integrate their personal ideals into the cause of the Party and the country, and press ahead with fortitude. He called on the graduates to harbor dreams with innovation, carry forward the WMU spirit of struggle and pursuing excellence, and sail toward a bright future. He hoped that with commitment and passion, the students could stick to their original aspirations and interpret the power of faith and the greatness of common people. Li also fondly read excerpts from the classic poem "Set sail", encouraging graduates to go beyond themselves and challenge their limits.

    Teacher Representative Zhao Yingzheng, head of the national “Party-building and Academic Pioneers” workshop, encouraged students to maintain the spirit of exploration and unswerving passion and strive to become a "pride of the new era" with ideals, ambitions, and responsibilities. Alumna Representative Zhou Wenhong who is a graduate of the nursing program of the Class of 2018 and selected as an exemplar taking up primary-level post of Zhejiang Province and the “most beautiful nurse” of Naqu People's Hospital, said emotionally, "We can better understand the motherland by staying far away in the border areas, gain strength by integrating with the people, and advance steadily by devoting ourselves to the grassroots level." She encouraged the graduates to integrate the individual identity with the motherland and choose to bloom in the places where the country and the people need it most. Student Representative Yan Shichen, a graduate of Renji College, reviewed her four years of youth at Wenzhou Medical University and her original intention of volunteer services, and expressed her gratitude and wistful feelings for the Alma Mater, teachers, and classmates.

    At the ceremony, the graduate representatives presented flowers to the teacher representatives who had devoted themselves to teaching and education to express their respect and gratitude. The six spokespersons of WMU also delivered a strong promise to express their passionate and youthful pursuit of a brighter future.

    University leaders presented awards to the recipient representatives of Outstanding Graduates of Zhejiang Province and Outstanding Graduates of WMU, and issued certificates to alumni liaison ambassadors and alumni liaison representatives. President Li conferred degrees on graduate representatives of 17 programs.

    “Youth is like a song that never ends. We bloom in this song of youth, and let our youth fly in this song.” Graduation is never goodbye, and youth never ends! The enthusiastic singing of the Youth Songs rounded the first 2023 graduation ceremony for undergraduates and junior college students perfectly.