• WMU Hosts International Cultural Festival After 3 Years
  • Author:School of International Studies    Date:June 9, 2023
  • Intangible cultural heritages such as Nepalese Samay Baji, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Indian Teh Tarik, remarkable traditional Chinese medicine, Blue Jiaxie (traditional Chinese dyeing technique), and Ou sculpture all appeared in the festival. On May 20, the opening ceremony of Wenzhou Medical University International Cultural Festival 2023, themed “Sharing the World, United as One”, was held in the Tongde Square at the Chashan campus. Wenzhou Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Wenzhou TCM Hospital, Wenzhou Huaqiao Vocational School, Wenzhou Technician Institute, Wenzhou No.2 Vocational Secondary Specialized School, and Wenzhou Cultural Center, together with more than a thousand WMU teachers and students at home and abroad, gathered to enjoy the cultural feast.

    Li Junhong, member of the WMU Party Committee and director of the Communications Department (Teacher’s Affairs Department), delivered the opening speech. Wang Xiaofeng, member of the leading Party member’s Group and vice president of Wenzhou Red Cross Society, presented the New Marco Polo Red Cross Volunteer Service team with the flag. Alisher, head of the new Marco Polo publicity group, who came from Tajikistan, shared his learning experiences and life at WMU.

    This International Cultural Festival consisted of a series of activities, such as art performances, diversified cultural exhibition booths, Telling China’s Stories Video Competition, and mental health education festival, showing the splendid culture of different countries.

    【Art performances】

    International students from various countries put on a wonderful show. Indian students sang and danced, spreading their enthusiasm to every corner of the scene. More than 10 students from Jamaica, South Africa, Turkmenistan, and other four countries performed the musical play "Seeking the essence of the Song dynasty in the dream and introducing Ou style with poetry", interpreting the thousands of years of Ouyue culture in Zhejiang. The “Blue Jiaxie Fashion Show” by Wenzhou Technician Institute demonstrated the modern beauty of Wenzhou's intangible cultural heritage and the extraordinary Chinese splendor. These distinctive programs drew prolonged applause from the audience. Finally, the fashion show where international students wore different national costumes showed different costume cultures and brought the event to a climax. Despite the rain, the audience were all excited and took many photos to capture the wonderful moments.

    【Diversified culture exhibition】

    International students from different countries attracted a large number of students with interesting games, art exhibits, humanistic art performances and other forms. International students warmly invited Chinese students to experience their traditional culture, try various cuisines from different countries, try on traditional clothes, learn about cultural and geographical knowledge of their counties, and practice greetings in different languages.

    In the Chinese culture exhibition area, there were various booths of tea ceremony experience, Ou sculpture, traditional Chinese medicine culture, and image design, demonstrating colorful Chinese culture. In the interaction between Chinese and foreign pavilions, you could feel the charm of cultural diversity.

    In recent years, Wenzhou Medical University has insisted on the approach of taking root in China, integrating with the world, focusing on the times, and looking to the future, constantly explored and practiced the internationalization of education, and strived to cultivate high-quality international talents with global competence. At present, there are nearly 700 international students from 62 countries at WMU to study degree courses. A series of events including "Imagine China", "Feel China", and "New Marco Polo Publicity Group" are gaining increasing attention and recognition both inside WMU and in society.

    It is reported that the International Cultural Festival is an important campus culture brand activity of Wenzhou Medical University, and a major platform for exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese and foreign students. The university will continue to respond to national policies, enrich the carrier of cultural exchanges and development, create a diversified cultural atmosphere, train more excellent international doctors, and make great contribution to the building of a community of shared future for human health.

    Text translated by Jin Lingcan and reviewed by Sun You