• Wenzhou Medical University Approved for New Undergraduate Programs of Audiologic and Speech Rehabilitation, Health Service and Management
  • Author:    Date:May 8, 2023
  • Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice on the filing and reviewing results of the undergraduate programs of regular institutions of higher education in 2022. Two new undergraduate programs applied by our university, Audiologic and Speech Rehabilitation, and Health Service and Management, were approved by the Ministry of Education for filing.

    Based on thorough research and in accordance with the requirements of the Healthy China Initiative and the needs of regional economic development, the university carefully organized the analysis, review, and application work for the new programs according to its school-running role and planning of professional development. The two new programs have accurate targets, defined training goals, clear construction strategies, and meet the required construction standards. The approval of the two new programs further optimizes the university's talent-cultivating chain of "prevention-basic-clinical-technical" medicine covering the whole health care process and the full life cycle.

    Audiologic and Speech Rehabilitation

    Audiologic and Speech Rehabilitation is a discipline that studies the rehabilitation treatment of hearing and speech disorders, which is currently in high demand in society. Through the study of the professional courses in the Audiologic and Speech Rehabilitation program, students systematically master the theoretical knowledge and scientific methods of audiology and speech rehabilitation and will be able to provide services including prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation consulting for patients of all ages and their families in need of rehabilitation. After graduation, students can work in medical institutions at all levels, disabled persons’ federations, civil affairs, education and other related institutions and government management departments on speech and hearing rehabilitation services, education, research, and management.

    Health Service and Management

    Health service and management is an important industry that narrows the gap in health between urban and rural areas, regions, and populations. Through the study of the professional courses of the Health Service and Management program, students will systematically master the basic knowledge and skills in management, health services, preventive medicine, and humanities, and will be able to specialize in health services and management work such as health monitoring, assessment, intervention, health education, and health risk management in medical and health care institutions, community health service organizations, health examination centers, health management consulting companies, and so on.

    WMU has attached great importance to the layout and quality construction of its programs, all of which are recognized as first-class programs including 18 national first-class program construction sites, ranking third among independent medical universities in the country. At the same time, the university has promoted innovation in the types of programs and set up micro-specialties such as artificial intelligence and intelligent medicine to boost the modernization and upgrading of programs. In the next stage, the university will continue to focus on the development strategy of "comprehensive health care", deepen the construction of “four new concepts", strengthen the integration of industry and education, promote the planning of new cross-disciplinary programs, improve the "top to bottom" talent development system, and promote the innovation and development of medical education.

    Text translated by Chen Ling and reviewed by Sun You