• Year in Review: 22 Posts by WMU in 2022
  • Author:Press Center    Date:February 1, 2023

  • Time flies and the end of the year is upon us.

    Looking back at 2022, WMU has defied the odds and adapted to changes,

    creating many valuable and exclusive memories for WMUers.

    Let’s review 2022 through these 22 messages,

    to experience the joy and outcomes of WMU’s perseverance and progress.

    1. WMU Pharmacy Teachers' Team Selected as "Huang Danian-style Outstanding Teaching Team of National Universities and Colleges."

    In February, the Ministry of Education announced the second batch of "Huang Danian-style Outstanding Teaching Teams of National Universities and Colleges", and the "Pharmacy Teachers’ Team" led by Academician Li Xiaokun, president of Wenzhou Medical University and leader of the pharmacy discipline, was listed. In recent years, under the leadership of Academician Li Xiaokun, the Pharmacy Teachers’ Team of Wenzhou Medical University has formed a team with academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering as the discipline leader, Chang Jiang Scholars, National Distinguished Young Scholars, talents of National “Ten Thousand Talents Plan”, talents of National “Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Talents Project” and National Excellent Young Scholars as academic leaders, and middle-aged and young teachers including Provincial Special-Grade Experts and talents of Provincial “Ten Thousand Talents Plan” as the backbone.

    Up to now, there are two teams at Wenzhou Medical University selected as the "Huang Danian-style Outstanding Teaching Team of National Universities and Colleges". In addition to the Pharmacy Teachers’ Team listed this time, our Ophthalmology and Optometry Teachers’ Team was selected as one of the first batch of "Huang Danian-style Outstanding Teaching Teams of National Universities and Colleges" in 2017.

    2. WMU Student Huang Junting Selected as One of the Seventh Batch of National Demonstration Pacesetters of Learning from Lei Feng

    On March 3, as the 59th “Learn from Lei Feng” Day was coming, the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China announced the list of the seventh batch of National Demonstration Sites and Pacesetters for Learning from Lei Feng. Huang Junting, a student of WMU, got on the list of the seventh batch of National Demonstration Pacesetters of Learning from Lei Feng, becoming one of the two persons in Zhejiang Province to receive this honor. This is a follow-up to the honor that our School of Ophthalmology & Optometry was selected as one of the fifth batch of National Demonstration Sites for Learning from Lei Feng.

    3. WMU Holds Meeting Summarizing Educational Campaign on the History of the CPC

    On March 7, WMU held a meeting reviewing the educational activities to study the history of the CPC. The meeting studied and implemented the important instructions General Secretary Xi Jinping made on studying the history of the CPC and the guiding principles from the review meetings on the CPC’s history education held by the Party Central Committee, provincial Party committee, and Party committee of the provincial education department. The meeting comprehensively summarized the university’s experience and outcomes of CPC’s history education and made arrangements for consolidating and expanding the achievements of our educational campaign on the history of the CPC. Since the launch of the educational campaign on CPC’s history, the Party committee of WMU has strictly followed the plans and requirements of the CPC Central Committee, the provincial Party committee, and the Party committee of the provincial department of education to carry out a quality educational campaign on the history of the CPC, with a close combination of the characteristics of the university and higher education and emphases on the "Red Boat Spirit", "educational intent" and "virtue cultivation", and achieved remarkable results.

    4. WMU Listed as National TCM Service Export Base

    In March, the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine jointly announced the list of the second batch of Characteristic Service Export Bases (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and WMU was selected as the only western medical university in China. WMU will take this opportunity to actively respond to the national strategy of making TCM services “go global”, integrate into the construction and development of "the Belt and Road Initiative", and build a high-level TCM service export base with characteristics of WMU, characteristics of Zhejiang, integration of Chinese and Western cultures, and equal emphasis on healthcare, teaching, research, and medicine. The university will make continued efforts to turn the base into a model for innovation in the TCM service trade, integrated TCM digital service, and inheritance of excellent culture of TCM.

    5. A 6-match Winning Streak! WMU Students Achieve New Success in National "Challenge Cup" Competition

    On March 29, the winners of the 17th "Challenge Cup" National Undergraduate Curricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition were announced. WMU won two Grand Prizes, one First Prize, four Second Prizes, and two Third Prizes. One work won the Special Award for Progressive Innovation, and one was recognized as a "satellite level" work of the Black Technology special track. WMU’s total score ranked 10th nationwide and won the "Winner’s Cup" for the sixth time in a row.

    6. WMU Ranks 8th in the 2022 Best Chinese Medical Universities Ranking Released by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy!

    On April 19, Shanghai Ranking Consultancy, a professional evaluation agency for higher education, officially released “2022 Best Chinese Medical Universities Ranking". WMU entered the top 10 for the first time, jumping three places to eighth from last year. The rankings of WMU continued to rise in several rankings this year. The university ranked 91st in the "2022 Wu Shulian Chinese University Ranking", reflecting its rising core competitiveness, increasingly apparent distinctive advantages, and further recognized strengths of school running.

    7. Building High-Level Reservoir of Talents for the Construction of “Double First-Class” University! WMU Holds Talent Work Conference

    On April 29, the university held a conference on talent work and announced fifteen measures for "strengthening the university with talents". The measures included introducing high-end talents, cultivating young talents, reforming the talent system, and reshaping the talent ecology. The meeting systematically expounded the workforce development measures WMU will take to build a "double first-class” university and contribute to Wenzhou’s construction of a regional key talent center and innovation highland.

    8. Looking Back at the 110-Year Journey WMU Has Traversed

    In order to commemorate the 110th anniversary of WMU’s inheriting cultural traditions, WMU launched the “Splendor throughout the 110 Years” program and carried out activities such as the 110th Anniversary exhibition, the establishment of the Qian Li College of Abdominal Surgery, special exhibition about Zhou Jian, senior and new counselors talking about their original aspirations, teachers and alumni sharing stories about WMU, and graduates reviewing the 110-year history of WMU, which took stock of WMU’s historical changes, progress, and cultural heritage.

    9. Running Hard on the Track of Youth | WMU Holds May Fourth Youth Poetry Event and Situational League Lecture

    The year 2022 marked the centenary of the Communist Youth League of China. On the afternoon of May 4, WMU held a May Fourth youth poetry event and a situational League lecture on the theme of "celebrating the 20th CPC National Congress, following the Party’s leadership, and forging ahead on a new journey" in the Xuguang Hall. With the recitation of original poems and performance of stage shows, the representatives of young teachers and students expressed the loyalty of young people to the Party in the new era, drawing a picture of generations of young people who have never forgotten their original aspirations and forged ahead in the 100-year history.

    10. WMU Establishes China’s First National Engineering Research Center for Growth Factors Research

    In May, the National Development and Reform Commission officially approved the establishment of the National Engineering Research Center for Growth Factor Drugs and Protein Preparations led by Wenzhou Medical University. The center is headed by WMU President Li Xiaokun and will become the first National Engineering Research Center in the field of growth factors in China. The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Wenzhou Medical University takes the lead in the construction of the center on the basis of the former “Zhejiang Engineering Laboratory of Growth Factor Drug Development”. The center will promote the independent innovation and rapid development of growth factor drugs and protein preparations in China.

    11. Up to 667 Points! WMU’s 9 Programs Listed Among Top 10 Programs with the Highest Cut-off Points in Provincial Colleges and Universities

    On July 19, the cut-off points (the first batch) of the National College Entrance Examination in Zhejiang Province in 2022 were announced. The minimum scores required for 32 programs of Wenzhou Medical University ranked first among the same programs in provincial colleges and universities. WMU has nine programs out of the top ten with the highest cut-off points in provincial colleges and universities, up by one program from last year. Eight programs only admitted students ranking top 10,000 in Zhejiang, up by three programs from last year. The admission score of the Ophthalmology & Optometry (5+3 Integrated Program) exceeded the minimum required score of special enrollment programs by 65 points, ranking first among all programs in provincial colleges and universities for six consecutive years. The student with the highest admission score this year got 667 points and is admitted to Clinical Medicine (5+3 Integrated Program).

    12. WMU Reaches New Peak in the 2021 Chinese Medical Colleges and Chinese Hospitals Science and Technology Evaluation Metrics (STEM)

    On August 4, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences released the "2021 Science and Technology Evaluation Metrics (STEM) and Accumulative Science and Technology Evaluation Metrics (ASTEM) of Chinese Medical Colleges/Chinese Hospitals". WMU ranked 13th in the STEM rankings of Chinese medical colleges, up by six places from 2020, reaching a new peak. The university ranked fourth among medical colleges jointly built by the National Health Commission and provincial governments. In the STEM rankings of Chinese hospitals, there were three hospitals affiliated to WMU ranking among the top 100. Among them, the affiliated Eye Hospital ranked 41st nationally, topping all eye hospitals in China for four consecutive years; the First Affiliated Hospital ranked 68th, the same as last year; the Second Affiliated Hospital ranked 75th, showing an improvement of 10 places compared with last year. In the ASTEM rankings of Chinese hospitals, the affiliated Eye Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital, and the Second Affiliated Hospital ranked 43rd, 70th, and 74th respectively.

    13. Paying Tribute to Professional Ethics of Teachers, WMU Holds Teachers Awards Ceremony

    On the afternoon of September 8, WMU held a commendation meeting to honor outstanding groups and individuals, including the Huang Danian-style Outstanding Teaching Team of National Universities and Colleges, national famous teachers, National May 1st Labor Medal winners, outstanding Party members of Zhejiang province, outstanding teachers of Zhejiang Province, and model teachers of Zhejiang province, inspire staff of WMU to be loyal to the Party’s educational cause, and mobilize all staff to strive for the strategic goal of building a "double first-class” high-level medical university. Previously, three of WMU’s teachers were invited to attend the celebration of the 38th Teachers' Day and the 5th Best Teachers Press Conference in Zhejiang province, with the number of honorees ranking first among all universities in Zhejiang province.

    14. Breakthrough! WMU achieves good results in NSFC fund application

    On September 8, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) released the result of the 2022 project application review. WMU obtained 117 NSFC-funded projects, including 1 Key Program project, 2 Excellent Young Scientists Fund projects, 2 International Senior Scientists Fund projects, 62 General Program projects, and 50 Young Scientists Fund projects, with a record direct funding of 57.31 million yuan. It also marked the first time in WMU’s history that the university obtained two Excellent Young Scientists Fund projects in the same year.

    What’s more, according to the NSFC, the program The Precision anesthesia strategy for maintaining cerebral functional homeostasis in perioperative aged patients jointly carried out by Academician Weihong Song at WMU and other professors got approval for the NSFC Major Program 2022. This is the first NSFC Major Program WMU obtained.

    15. WMU Teachers and Students Watched and Discussed the Opening of the 20th CPC National Congress

    On the morning of October 16, the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was solemnly held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered a report on behalf of the 19th CPC Central Committee to the 20th CPC National Congress. Wenzhou Medical University organized teachers and students to listen and watch the opening session of the 20th CPC National Congress together. All of them felt motivated and inspired and spoke glowingly of their understanding in combination with their study and work experience.

    Since the opening of the 20th CPC National Congress, WMU has thoroughly studied, publicized, and implemented the guiding principles of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and launched a full-coverage quality educational campaign in various forms and at different levels. Through lectures given by leaders, experts, teachers, and publicity groups, WMU has created a good learning environment to promote the understanding and implementation of the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress.

    16. Eye Hospital of WMU and IBMC Officially Launch Ophthalmology Research Center to Establish Sci-tech Highland of Eye Health

    On October 30, the Launching Ceremony of the IBMC Ophthalmology Research Center, jointly established by the Eye Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University and the Institute of Basic Medicine and Cancer (IBMC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Summit Forum on Ophthalmic Innovation and Translation, was held in Hangzhou. The center will focus on overcoming key bottlenecks in ophthalmologic research, such as the pathogenesis and development mechanism of eye diseases, visual function and optometry, visual genetic development, medical materials for ophthalmology and optometry, and ophthalmic targeted drugs. It will make full use of the advantages of both sides and carry out all-round research in a focused and targeted manner to strive for original major breakthroughs and solve practical problems.

    17. 8+1=9! WMU’s Engineering Enters Top 1% in ESI Global Rankings for the First Time

    According to the latest ESI data updated in November 2022, the Engineering discipline of WMU entered the top 1% in the ESI rankings for the first time. Up to now, nine disciplines of WMU have entered the top 1% list. WMU ranks 804th among 8191 institutions listed in the ESI comprehensive rankings globally, hitting a record high. It ranked 69th among universities in the Chinese mainland and 5th among medical universities jointly constructed by the provincial governments and central ministries. In terms of the number of disciplines listed in ESI, WMU ranked 4th together with Tianjin Medical University and Guangzhou Medical University and ranked 1st among provincial universities in Zhejiang province for 15 consecutive times.

    18. WMU Attracts Mainstream Media Attention During WYSS 2022

    Since November this year, WMU has carried out a series of events as part of the World Young Scientist Summit. The university held the inaugural meeting of the National Medical Humanities Education Alliance for Regional Medical Colleges and Universities, the International Forum on Comprehensive Health Care, and various sub-forums. Nobel Prize winners, Chinese and foreign academicians and experts, and representatives of young scientists were invited to join the events. During the period, news of the events hosted by WMU was reported in the forms of special editions and series by Guangming Daily, Science and Technology Daily, Xinhuanet, People's Daily Online, Guangming Daily App, Health News, Zhejiang News, and other national and provincial mainstream media, garnering more than 20 million views on the Internet.

    19. Historic Leap: WMU Wins 3 Gold Awards, 4 Silver Awards in "Internet +" Competition, Ranking First Among National Medical Colleges for 4 Consecutive Years!

    WMU won three gold awards and four silver awards at the national finals of the 8th China International "Internet +" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Its number of gold awards achieved a historic breakthrough, ranking first in the national medical colleges for the fourth consecutive year. Three projects including "Aimeite Islet Gel—An Effective New Carrier to Preserve Islet Cells for 60 Days" won gold awards, and four projects including "Digitalization Empowering Autism Treatment—Opening a New Era of Digital Therapeutic for Autistic Groups in China" won silver awards.

    20. WMU Tops in 27 Indicators According to Surveys on Graduates Career Development and Talent Cultivation Quality

    In December, Zhejiang Education Examinations Authority released the “Survey Report on the Career Development and Talent Cultivation Quality of the 2021 Graduates of Colleges and Universities in Zhejiang” and the “Survey Report on the Career Development and Talent Cultivation Quality of the 2019 Graduates (Three Years After Graduation) of Colleges and Universities in Zhejiang”. WMU ranked first in the career development and talent cultivation quality of 2021 graduates and the comprehensive evaluation of job competencies of 2019 graduates (three years after graduation), including in 27 indicators, among general undergraduate colleges and universities in Zhejiang.

    21. WMU Initiates the Establishment of Zhejiang New Medical Development Alliance

    On December 10, the Inaugural Meeting of the Zhejiang New Medical Development Alliance and the New Medical Innovation Talents Cultivation Forum were held in Wenzhou. The alliance brought together 13 universities in Zhejiang province that provide undergraduate programs in clinical medicine to jointly promote the reform and innovative development of medical education, open up new horizons of quality medical development in Zhejiang, and contribute to the construction of a healthy China and Zhejiang’s development of a demonstration zone for common prosperity.

    22. "I'm almost recovered and ready to return to work." They Remained at Their Posts!

    The readjustment of epidemic prevention and control strategies had posed new challenges and tests for WMU, its affiliated hospitals, and every teacher and student. Over the past few days, health care workers of the affiliated hospitals of Wenzhou Medical University have overcome difficulties and stayed at their posts. Bearing in mind the professional spirit of "respecting life, saving lives, helping the injured, being willing to make sacrifices, and having great love", they have taken proactive steps to cope with the current situation of the healthcare system, devoted every effort to save patients, and protected the lives and health of the people with care and compassion.

    Every post is meaningful, and every moment is worth recording.

    In the new year, WMU will continue to forge ahead and pursue progress.

    Let us welcome 2023 with the best wishes for a brighter future.

    Translated by Jin Hongxi and reviewed by Sun You