• WMU, Monash Uni Hold Launch Ceremony for Alliance in Clinical and Experimental Biomedicine (Joint Research Institute)
  • Author:Xu Di, International Affairs Office    Date:January 4, 2023

  • On December 19, the launch ceremony of the "Alliance in Clinical and Experimental Biomedicine" (Joint Research Institute) between Wenzhou Medical University and Monash University in Australia was held online. Academician and WMU President Li Xiaokun, WMU Vice President Jin Shengwei, Prof. John Carroll, director of Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, Prof. Roger Daly, head of Monash Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Prof. Anton Peleg, fellow of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences, Dr. Jiangning Song, associate professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Monash University, and Dr. Yue Qu, senior research fellow of Monash Department of Infectious Diseases and director of operations of the Joint Research Institute, attended the conference in person or online. Prof. Jin Shengwei presided at the meeting.

    Prof. Li pointed out that the signing of the collaborative agreement of the "Alliance in Clinical and Experimental Biomedicine" fully displayed the sincerity and confidence of the two sides. During the period between the initial cooperation intention and the final establishment of the alliance, we had gone through long-term and close communication and consultation and overcame many difficulties together. He said that in the future, the two universities will jointly introduce the world's top scientific research talents to join the alliance, promote the construction of the Joint Research Institute together, strive to set an example for China-Australia academic research cooperation platform with international influence, and make joint efforts to improve the health and well-being of the Chinese and Australian people and promote the construction of a global community of health for all.

    Prof. John Carroll said that Monash University, as one of the world's top 50 universities, has carried out in-depth cooperation with Wenzhou Medical University in the past few years in the fields of joint scientific research projects, student exchanges, teacher training, and doctoral education. He hoped to take this cooperation agreement as an opportunity to make full use of the quality education resources of the two universities, promote scientific research cooperation projects and personnel exchanges, and achieve new win-win results in our cooperation.

    During the bilateral discussion, the leaders of relevant administrative departments, affiliated hospitals, and academic departments of the two universities exchanged views. The two sides had in-depth discussions on the PI communication mechanism, talent recruitment, laboratory resources, and research cooperation opportunities of the Joint Research Institute.

    Participants of the meeting at WMU included leaders and researchers from Science and Technology Department, International Affairs Office, School of Basic Medical Sciences, the First Affiliated Hospital, the Second Affiliated Hospital, and the International Growth Factor Research Institute.

    It is reported that the "Wenzhou Medical University – Monash University Alliance in Clinical and Experimental Biomedicine" is jointly built by the Chinese and Australian universities. The two sides will build top scientific research teams in the Joint Research Institute and carry out cooperation in the scientific research fields of common interest. The institute will take tumor research as the core direction and expand to important medical fields such as microbiology, oncology, infectious diseases, and reproductive medicine.

    Translated by Huang Meng and reviewed by Sun You