• Historic leap: WMU wins 3 gold awards, 4 silver awards in "Internet +" competition, ranking first among national medical colleges for 4 consecutive years!
  • Author:Qu Yuanming, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship    Date:December 4, 2022
  • Recently, the national finals of the 8th China International "Internet +" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition were held online. WMU won three gold awards and four silver awards. Its number of gold awards achieved a historic breakthrough, ranking first in the national medical colleges for the fourth consecutive year. Cao Jianming, member of the WMU Party committee and vice president, visited the finalists to send greetings and express support.

    Since March, WMU has steadily carried out the project cultivation work for the competition and received more than 100 entries. After fierce competition, three projects including "Aimeite Islet Gel—An Effective New Carrier to Preserve Islet Cells for 60 Days" won gold awards, and four projects including "Digitalization Empowering Autism Treatment—Opening a New Era of Digital Therapeutic for Autistic Groups in China" won silver awards.

    Gold Award Projects

    Aimeite Islet Gel—An Effective New Carrier to Preserve Islet Cells for 60 Days

    Track: Higher Education Main Track

    College: School of the 2nd Clinical Medical Sciences

    Instructors: Yao Qing, Bian Chengde, Zhang Yu

    Participants: Jiang Zhikai, He Zhimin, Lu Wenjie, Feng Liwen, Wu Yiying, Gao Yufan, Tu Huiqian, Zheng Yiyang, Zhang Zhiwei, Zhang Yifan, Wu Gaofeng, Lou Zijian, Lu Ruijie, Xu Yan, Jin Yanchi

    Project introduction: In view of the difficulty preserving islet cells, the team innovatively prepared an islet cell preservation gel that significantly improved the anti-inflammatory effect and could efficiently preserve islet cells for 60 days. The project realized three major technological innovations: the preparation of BR203 anti-inflammatory antioxidant complex by molecular pairing technology, the construction of host-guest supramolecular carrier wrapping BR203 complex for sustained release, and the use of temperature-sensitive phase transition technology to achieve liquid and semi-solid state transformation. In the future, the team will continue to focus on the field of non-renewable cell preservation and carry out continuous research and development.

    Bone Marrow Donation—Empowering New Non-Profit Promotion Model of China's Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donation

    Track: "Youth Red Dream Journey" Track

    College: School of Public Health and Management

    Instructors: Teng Yangyang, Ding Nani

    Participants: Chen Zewei, Quan Tianle, Yu Qiulin, Ding Peilan, Ge Wenjie, Gao Jiayuan, Zhu Xiaofeng, Jin Hongxi, Chen Zhiqing, Cao Xinyuan, Hu Xinyu, Liu Yujia

    Project introduction: The team is the first non-profit organization focusing on raising public awareness of hematopoietic stem cell donation in China with college students as legal persons. The team is committed to empowering a new model of promoting hematopoietic stem cell donation in China. At present, it has allied with eight colleges and universities in the province. The team has provided volunteer services for 45 cities in 21 provinces, with a total of 168,000 hours of caring services for patients with leukemia. At present, more than 5,000 students have joined the China Marrow Donor Program, with 23 cases of successful donations. This project was selected as a typical example of cultivating and practicing the core socialist values by the Ministry of Education.

    Master Wound Healer—The Pioneer of Refractory Wound Repair

    Track: Higher Education Main Track (International Project)

    College: School of International Studies

    Instructors: Jin Jianfeng, Sun Lei, Qian Jun

    Participants: Anesu MASENDA, Brandon Anotidashe JAKA, Nenyasha MASANGUDZA, Almah MUKONYA, Michelle Tafadzwa CHINEMBIRI, Tanyaradzwa G THONDHLANA

    Project introduction: The team is committed to wound repair for patients with refractory wounds in Africa. The team has improved the therapeutic efficiency and addressed various problems such as the shortage of medical resources for wound repair and the difficulty of trauma care through early diagnosis, hospital treatment, late nursing, and the sustained-release FGF21-bioactive glass, an independently-developed medical-grade material, bringing relief to African patients suffering from refractory wounds.

    Featuring the core element of "Brave, Creative as I Can Be", the competition was jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Education and 12 other ministries and commissions and organized by Chongqing University. The competition attracted more than 14.5 million contestants with more than 3.4 million participating projects from 111 countries and regions, exerting a strong influence covering hundreds of countries, thousands of colleges, and tens of thousands of people. All the participating teams gathered online for emulation, surpassed limitations, and reinvented themselves, making the event an innovation and entrepreneurship festival.

    Text translated by Zhang Na and reviewed by Sun You.