• Write a Chapter of Youth in the New Era! WMU Holds the Second Graduation Ceremony for Class of 2022
  • Author:Zhou Lian, Chen Zhongnong, Student Affairs Office    Date:July 4, 2022

  • On the morning of June 24, WMU held the second graduation ceremony in 2022 in the Xuguang Hall at the Chashan Campus to see 2737 undergraduate and junior college graduates and 1230 postgraduate students off to go on a new journey. University leaders including Lyu Yijun, Li Xiaokun, Jin Shengwei, Lyu Wenge, Li Junhong, and Zhu Xuebo attended the ceremony. Heads of relevant departments and schools, teacher representatives, and graduate representatives attended the offline ceremony, which was presided over by Vice President Jin Shengwei. All the graduates witnessed this solemn moment at the scene or through live streaming.

    The ceremony kicked off with the heartfelt singing of teachers, instructors, doctors from affiliated hospitals, and students of the university’s ensemble.

    President Li Xiaokun sent a farewell message to the graduates who had completed their studies with the title of "Song of Youth". He said that Chinese youth in the new era have enjoyed the fruits of the take-off of the motherland and are expected to shoulder the responsibility of national rejuvenation. Li put forward his three hopes for the graduates. First, Li called on graduates to serve the country with determination, reinforce their commitment of youth with an affection for our country, always bear in mind the country's most fundamental interests, inherit the "root" and "soul" of the medical university, faithfully take on the commitment of making due contribution to building a strong country, and strive to be the great talent of the country shouldering the task of national rejuvenation. Second, Li suggested graduates to harbor dreams and give the most powerful expression of youth with pioneering spirit and innovation by adhering to the innovative spirit and practice of initiative, self-reliance, and perseverance, combining working with learning and thinking, and achieving excellence in their professional fields. Third, he called on graduates to stick to their original aspiration and write a new chapter of youth with the benevolence of doctors. Li stressed that graduates should aim to be good doctors for the people, turn their pursuit of dreams into an unremitting driving force for protecting the health of the people, and become the pillar of the national medical and health undertakings. Li also recited Rabindranath Tagore's A Dream, encouraging the graduates to stride forward with dreams and courage.

    Professor Gao Weiyang, doctoral supervisor of the School of the 2nd Clinical Medical Sciences, as a representative of the faculty, congratulated the graduates. He encouraged the graduates to stick to the original aspiration of being a doctor, keep pursuing dreams and exploring, bear gratitude in heart and initiative in practice, and be a benevolent person with skills and compassion. Professor Huang Jinyu, an alumni of Class 1990, secretary of the Party Committee of Affiliated Hangzhou First People's Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, recipient of the Chinese Doctor Award and the National Outstanding Leader of Informatization in Hospital, shared his insights based on 32-year work experience. He encouraged the graduates to enjoy the “regular loneliness”, bear “constant courage”, carry forward the “spirit of craftsmanship of a doctor”, and be the most wonderful “lonely warriors” in the stage of one’s life. Postgraduate student representative Lin Wenman reviewed the eight years of growth at WMU. She suggested to “maintain struggling as the background color of youth and become a national pillar worthy of our times”, spurring all graduate students forward together. Huang Junting, the representative of undergraduate and junior college students, was loath to leave and expressed her gratitude to the university and teachers. She also said that the graduates would leave for faraway places with WMUers’ spirit of unremitting struggle and selfless dedication.

    At the ceremony, the graduate representatives presented flowers to the dedicated and tireless teacher representatives to express their respect and gratitude. At the scene, the university leaders presented awards to the recipients of Outstanding Graduates of Zhejiang Province and Outstanding Graduates of WMU, along with outstanding representatives of graduates who performed well in the entrance examination for postgraduate students and who take up primary-level posts in rural areas. In addition, the leaders issued appointment letters to alumni liaison ambassadors and alumni liaison representatives. President Li Xiaokun conferred degrees on graduate representatives from 12 programs.

    At the end of the ceremony, the graduates delivered affectionate expressions to their alma mater with We are the spokespersons of Wenzhou Medical University. "I will work in the Zhangye Second People's Hospital in Gansu province." "I will go to the University of Cologne in Germany to study for Ph.D. in Ophthalmology." "I have passed the Selected Graduates examination organized by the Organization Department of Chongqing municipal Party committee to work in rural areas." "I have been drafted into the military service." "I’m honored to become a member of WMU’s postgraduate volunteer teaching group and will be a teacher in Golmud in Qinghai province." "I will go back home to be a general practitioner.” ... As their dreams are to set sail, they solemnly made the commitment to devote themselves to writing a brilliant chapter in the new era with impassioned youth.

    Text translated by Qi Yilin and reviewed by Sun You.