• All WMU’s programs approved as national or provincial first-class programs
  • Author:Lin Anqi, Academic Affairs Office    Date:June 20, 2022
  • Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Education has released the list of (the third batch of) 2021 national and provincial first-class undergraduate program construction sites. WMU’s two programs of Biotechnology and Rehabilitation Therapy have been selected as the national first-class undergraduate program construction sites, and five programs, namely, Basic Medical Sciences, Radiology, Midwifery, Marketing, and Labor and Social Security, have been selected as provincial first-class undergraduate program constructions sites.

    This means all WMU’s programs have now been listed as national or provincial first-class undergraduate programs. There are 18 national first-class undergraduate program construction sites, accounting for 66.67% of the total enrollment programs of the university, which further demonstrates the achievements it made in the high-quality development of undergraduate programs.

    The “Double Ten-Thousand Plan” for the construction of first-class undergraduate programs is an important measure to implement the requirements of focusing on undergraduate education and returning to common sense, duty, original aspiration, and dreams. It is also a key indicator to show the quality of undergraduate education and the effects of the reform. In recent years, focusing on the construction of professional connotation, WMU has actively explored the construction of “four new concepts” to cultivate excellent medical talents with benevolence and skill. The university has boosted the development of its programs, highlighted characteristics of different programs, and enhanced connotation development through optimizing the talent training plans, strengthening the construction of faculty team, promoting the reform of curriculum construction, strengthening the construction of teaching conditions, implementing innovation integrating industry and education. reforming the management of the teaching process, strengthening clinical practice teaching, building a quality assurance system, and other measures.

    In the future, WMU will continue to focus on the construction of first-class programs, accelerate the construction of basic disciplines, transform and upgrade traditional programs, integrate current programs, explore and lead future programs, and constantly improve talent training to help promote the building of a "double first-class" university.

    Text translated by Duan Yipei and reviewed by Sun You.