• Running Hard on the Track of Youth! WMU Holds the first 2022 Graduation Ceremony for Undergraduates and Junior College Students
  • Author:Student Affairs Office    Date:June 10, 2022

  • In early summer, the song of parting will play. On the morning of June 1st, WMU held the first graduation ceremony in 2022 in the Xuguang Hall at the Chashan Campus to see 2,030 college graduates off to go on a new journey. University leaders including Lyu Yijun, Li Xiaokun, Chen Peigen, Cheng Jinguo, Wang Liangxing, Jin Shengwei, Lyu Wenge, Wang Junhong, Song Weihong, Li Junhong, Zhang Chengbin, and Zhu Xuebo attended the ceremony. Heads of relevant departments and schools, teacher representatives, alumni representatives, and graduate representatives attended the offline ceremony. Due to epidemic prevention and control, most graduates and parents witnessed this solemn moment through live streaming. The ceremony was presided over by Cheng Jinguo, the deputy secretary of WMU Party committee.

    The ceremony kicked off with the song "My Youth, My Medical University".

    "Youth breeds infinite hope, and youths create a better tomorrow. If you compare life to a relay race, the leg run of youth would be of vital significance,” said Li Xiaokun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and WMU president. He encouraged the graduates to strive for excellence and chase their dreams in their youth.

    Li hoped that the students would pursue the glory of life, be ‘dream-chasers’ who scale the heights and look afar, constantly broaden their horizons and patterns, join the great era with the vigor of innovation and lofty vision, and closely integrate personal aspirations and life goals with the development of the motherland and the progress of the nation. The students should always be enterprising ‘dream-makers’ who dare to choose, love their choices, persist in dreams, quit arrogance and impetuosity, and forge ahead along the way. They must carry forward the spirit of struggle, be unyielding ‘dream-realizers’ with self-reliance, self-improvement, and self-reflection, and build the ladder to their dreams with a positive attitude regardless of any difficulties. Li also recited the excerpt of "CHANGSHA Tune: SPRING IN A PLEASURE GARDEN" affectionately to inspire the graduates to strive determinedly in their youth.

    The teacher representative Yang Yeqin reminded the graduates to put the WMU characteristics of independent learning, responsibility, elegance, and happiness into their bags and face unknown challenges and fierce competition bravely and calmly. Wang Lianyue, an alumna of Class 2004 and president of the Affiliated Kangning Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, shared her experience of co-founding the Wenzhou Kangning Hospital with her husband who is also a WMU alumnus. She encouraged the graduates to make a concerted effort to study, explore, and innovate with firm goals, full concentration, life-long learning, and a grateful heart. Zhang Minghao, a graduate of Class 2022 from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, considered his five-year experience at university as a long-distance running with ideals, and shared the three secrets of his success: be realistic and down-to-earth, strive for excellence, and aim high.

    At the ceremony, the graduate representatives presented flowers to the dedicated and tireless teacher representatives to express their respect and gratitude. The university leaders presented awards to the recipients of Outstanding Graduates of Zhejiang Province and Outstanding Graduates of WMU and issued letters of appointment to the alumni liaison ambassador and alumni liaison representatives. President Li Xiaokun conferred degrees on graduate representatives from 10 programs.

    "We are the spokespersons of Wenzhou Medical University. We will strive to be excellent WMUers and catch the contemporary waves. We will live up to the prime of our youth and the expectations of our predecessors, the times, and the people!" At the end of the ceremony, the graduates delivered affectionate expressions to their alma mater. Some of them act upon the call and will go to the places where the country and the people need them most; some will serve the grass-roots and rural areas to fulfill the responsibilities of young people in the new era; some are active in learning and will go to distant places for further study; some have achieved a perfect switch between professional study and career... No matter what posts they hold, graduates will be full of passion, carry the hope of their alma mater, work hard, grow and progress with the motherland, and write the story of youths for a new era.

    Text translated by Yu Yena and reviewed by Sun You.