• Alberta Institute, WMU holds Opening Ceremony for Class of 2021
  • Author:    Date:October 21, 2021
  • On the morning of September 28th, the opening ceremony for freshmen of Alberta Institute was ceremoniously held in the Academic Lecture Hall of Biomedical Research Building. President and Academician Li Xiaokun, Vice President Cao Jianming, Academic Vice President and Academician Song Weihong, together with Brenda Hemmelgarn, Tracey Hillier, Dennis Kunimoto, Li Xinmin, Wang Xian, from the University of Alberta, and Liu Fang, member of Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, attended the ceremony online and on site. Cao Jianming presided over the opening ceremony.


    Before the opening ceremony, a series of programs including colorful welcome video cuts, poetry recital “Schoolmates: Let me tell you”, and chorus performance “The Young” vividly showed the wonderful campus life.

    Li Xiaokun, on behalf of Wenzhou Medical University, delivered a passionate speech and warmly welcomed the 67 freshmen. He said that the Alberta Institute has carried forward the profound culture of WMU and unique cultural genes of Alberta University. When studying at Alberta Institute, one should develop a global vision in diversified cultural exchanges and experience various cultures and the beauty of different subjects through broadening knowledge and connecting with the world. Students are expected to establish a compound knowledge structure in multi-disciplinary integrated learning and become inter-disciplinary talent who masters deep basic knowledge of multiple subjects and a variety of techniques. He encouraged the students to pursue their dreams with diligence and determination and to gain and grow in constant practice and exploration.

    In his speech, Academician Song Hongwei encouraged students to open the door of vision, always connect themselves with the common future of mankind, and take the progress of medicine as a goal to fight for; open the door of thinking, insist on getting to the bottom of the matter, dare to question and doubt, and develop an innovative character with the principle of “doubt more, learn more”; open the door of interest, integrate interest into learning, and strive for the unity and advance of knowledge and practice.

    Member of Canadian Academy of Health Sciences and Foreign Dean of Alberta Institute Brenda Hemmelgarn said that Wenzhou Medical University and the University of Alberta have a solid foundation for cooperation in scientific research and training of teachers and students and share a clear vision of future medical development. The Class of 2021 will receive the two universities’ rich medical education resources and teaching reform achievements and face a promising future in the long history of medical development.

    Chinese and Canadian faculty representatives Professor Teng Honglin and Professor Tracey Hillier along with the Class of 2020 Student Representative Hong Mingyang shared cherished experiences in setting ambitious targets, optimizing learning methods, developing good living habits and so on. 

    Graduate Freshman Representative Chen Yuge and Undergraduate Freshman Representative Zhang Xianman gave speeches in order. They expressed their determination to respond to the call of the times and made unremitting efforts for the development of the motherland’s medical and health undertakings.

    A robe-giving ceremony was held as part of the event at which school leaders put on white coats for the freshmen representatives and buckled the first button.

    “I will volunteer myself to medicine with love for my motherland and loyalty to the people. I will scrupulously abide by medical ethics, respect my teachers and discipline myself. I will strive diligently for the perfection of technology and for all-round development of myself.” The impassioned oath of medical students rounded the opening ceremony off perfectly.

    After the ceremony, Academician Liu Fang brought the first class for freshmen.



    (Text translated by Luo Kexin and reviewed by Sun You.)