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  • Banks and ATM location in University Town
  • Author:    Date:November 5, 2017
  • Wenzhou Medical University:

    1st floor of Tongxin building

    1st floor of Tongde building

    ATM of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China beside building no.4 and no.16 in boarding (dormitory) area

    ATM of Bank of China beside the sentry box in boarding area

    Wenzhou University:

    ATM of Agriculture Bank of China at the entrance of northern district

    ATM of China Construction Bank at the entrance of B district

    ATM of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China inside B district

    ATM of Bank of China inside C district

    Chashan Town:

    China Construction Bank

    Bank of China

    Agriculture Bank of China

    Postal Saving Bank of China

    Currency Exchange:

    The currency most frequently used in Chinese mainland is RMB. The RMB units are Yuan, Jiao and Cent. There are 13 currency values: 100yuan, 50yuan, 20yuan, 10yuan, 5yuan, 2yuan, 1yuan, 5jiao, 2jiao, 1jiao, 5cent, 2cent, 1cent. Coins are 1yuan, 5jiao, 1jiao, 5cent, 2cent and 1cent.

    Exchange currency in Banks when you bring foreign currency, credit cards (international used) or traveler’s check. Never exchange currency with strangers in case of any financial loss.

    P.S.ATM holding back card happens occasionally because of wrong operation. Do not be frustrated in this situation. Go to the corresponding bank in Chashan Town with your passport or other valid certificate and go through the required procedures. You will get back your card within one week.