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  • City Transportation
  • Author:    Date:November 5, 2017
  • Convenient transportations near WMU make it perfect to travel around. Busescost 2 Yuan. Keep an eye on your belongings when traveling on bus.


    As convenient as buses, taxi service is normally 24-hour available. There is a taximeter at the front of a taxi; basic price is normally 10 Yuan and 1.5 Yuan/km. There is a sign of “TAXI” at top of a taxi and driver’s photo, name card, phone number and company within a taxi. Ask for the invoice when getting off in case of any problems.


    To Bookstores:

    1. Wenzhou Book city (Gongyuan Road): WuMa Street Bus Station

    Buses number: 1, 103, 113, 109, 4

    2. Landeng Books Corporation (PuXieShi): PuXieShi Bus Station

    Buses number: No.106、No.301、No.102、No.202、No.208、No.206、No.11、No.17、No.24、No.29、No.40、No.52、No.101、No.201、No.18

    3. Xinhua Bookstore (PuXieShi): PuXieShi Bus Station

    Buses number:No.106、No.301、No.102、No.202、No.208、No.206、No.11、No.17、No.24、No.29、No.40、No.52、No.101、No.201、No.18


    1. Computers or other digital products (Hui Qiao): HuiQiao Bus Station or Li Ming Road Bus Station

    Buses number: No.1、No.2、No.3、No.6、No.7、No.8、No.21、No. 26、No.28、No.43、No.66、No.101

    2. Computer Supermarket NanZhan Bus Station

    Buses number: No.1、No.2、No.4、No.5、No.8、No.15、No.26、No.55、No.64、No.65

    Communication Market:

    1.The lobby of China mobile: Nan Zhan Bus Station

    Buses number: No.1, No.2, No.4, No.5, No.15, No.21, No.26, No.55, No.56, No.66

    2. Zhongqiao Mobile phone Supermarket: Nan Zhan Bus Station

    Buses number: No. 1, No.2, No.4, No.5, No.8, No.26, No.15, No.55, No.65

    Main Bus Route in Chashan Campus: No.38, No.52, No.53, No.17, No.40, No.203