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  • Ye Bilv Scholarship donation Ceremony
  • Date: December 21st, 2016

    Time: 16:00

    Venue: Xuguang Hall, Chashan Campus

    Ye Bilv Scholarship was established to commemorate the Chinese famous gynecological expert, the main founder of Test-Tube Baby in South Zhejiang, the former vice president of Wenzhou Medical College (now Wenzhou Medical Univeristy), Prof.Ye Bilv’s outstanding contributions to education, health care and reproductive medicine discipline, to inherit her commitment in women’s healthcare, to encourage young generations to study diligently and assiduously.

    Following Prof. Ye’s will, her family will donate one million RMB to establish scholarship in Wenzhou Medical University.

    The donation ceremory will be held in Xuguang Hall at 16:00 in December 21st, 2016, we sincerely invite Prof.Ye’s colleagues, friends, students and people from all walks of life who concerned about the education development of Wenzhou Medical University to attend the ceremony.

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