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  • WMU Listed as One of the Second Group of Key Colleges and Universities Under Construction in Zhejiang
  • Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) was put on the list of the Second Group of Key Colleges and Universities under Construction in Zhejiang recently released by the Zhejiang provincial government. Meanwhile, the disciplines of Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy at WMU were selected on the list of Zhejiang Provincial Disciplines with Advantageous Features. 

    To improve the educational level and comprehensive competitiveness of higher education in Zhejiang Province, the “Project to Construct Zhejiang Provincial Key Colleges and Universities” was officially launched in November, 2014. Seven colleges and universities across Zhejiang Province were on the list of the Second Group of Key Colleges and Universities under Construction based on 11 disciplines with advantageous features for future construction.

    Aiming to build itself a high-level university, in recent years,WMU has been constantly improving its comprehensive competitiveness and overall educational level as it holds onto the principle of “relying on featured disciplines as the foundation, talents as the main thrust and culture as the guidance for WMU’s development and excellence”. WMU ranks among top 0.3% of ESI global ranking (making the list of Top 100 in China) with three disciplines respectively entering the top 0.23% (Discipline of Clinical Medicine) and 1% (Discipline of Chemistry, Discipline of Pharmacology and Toxicology) of ESI global rankings by discipline.The establishment of the State Key Laboratory of Vision Science and the State Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology and Optometry at WMU marks the breakthrough for Zhejiang provincial colleges and universities of building a state level key laboratory. 

    In addition, WMU has jointly established the Jackson (China) Central Laboratory with Jackson Laboratory, a world leading research institution, and precision medical centers with the University of Queensland and the Mayo Clinic, US. Many overseas top scientists have been introduced and a number of professionals were recruited by “The Ten-thousand Talent Program (The Recruitment Program of Global Experts” and other high-level talent programs. In 2017, with 124 projects winning the funding support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, WMU ranked the second among all provincial colleges and universities in Zhejiang. In the 2017 When Zhejiang adopted a new model of college entrance examination, openings for WMU’s 17 undergraduate programs were fulfilled by applicants with grades above the First Admission Qualification Line including 15 majors boasting the highest Admission Qualification Line among Zhejiang provincial Colleges and Universities.

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