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  • 7 Bidding Projects of WMU for National SocialScience Fund Approved
  • WMU Ranks the First Place for 3 Consecutive Years among Independent Medical Colleges and Universities in China by the Number of Approved Bidding Projects for the National Social Science Fund
  • The National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science and the National Planning Office of Educational Sciencerecentlyannounced the list of “2017 National Social Science Fund Projects”. 7 bidding projects submitted by Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) for the National Social Science Fund were approved (including 2 MajorProjects,4 General Projects, 1 Youth Project), securing WMU the first place in the ranking of all independent medical universities and colleges in China for 3consecutive years, and the 10th place among universities and colleges in Zhejiang Province(Zhejiang University included) by the number of approved bidding projects. In addition, WMU shares the fourth place in the ranking of universities and colleges in Zhejiang Province by the number of approved major projects of the Fund. 

    Reportedly,4289 projects of the total29440 applications(projects bidding for the pedagogy category were not included) were approved, marking a year-on-year increase of 0.6% inthe rate of approval to reach 14.6%. The 4289 approved projects include 343 major projects (with a funding of 350 thousand yuan for project), 2850 general projects and 1096 youth projects (with a funding of 200 thousand yuan for each project). WMU submitted 29 projects involving 12 disciplines covering philosophy, linguistics, political science and other subjects. The Project of “A Study on the Evaluation System and Monitoring of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education” by Professor Huang Zhaoxin, and the Project of “A Study on the Relational Structure and Governance of Group Supply of Community Public Health Service” were approved as major projects of the Fund. 

    Putting a high premium on the bidding for the National Social Science Fund, WMU held a conference to mobilizeits faculty to submit programs. Afterwards, offering service as much as they can, the Schools and Colleges at WMU urged teachers to apply and invited experts to examine and review application materials to implement the tasks assigned by the school leadership. At the same time, 30 experts and scholars from outside WMU were invited to offer one-on-one guidance, make reference templates and set application schedules. They took the time of winter holiday to carry out a comprehensive review of the application materials. Such measures effectively raised the applicants’motivation and improved the application quality as well as the rate of qualified application documents. 

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