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  • WMU Wins Big in Enrollment
  • Ranking the First among Zhejiang Provincial Colleges and Universities by Admission Qualification Line in 15 Majors
  • The Toudang Line or Qualification Line (the First Grade) for Parallel Admission of 2017 Gaokao (National College Entrance Examination) for Ordinary Students in Zhejiang Province was released on July 16. Under the pilot reform of Zhejiang Province, the students will no more be accepted by batches for the first time in history this year. Instead, they are required to apply for majors to study in parallel. Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) has become a big winner in enrollment: the openings for its 17 undergraduate programs were fulfilled by applicants. The minimum scores for 15 majors ranked the highest in Zhejiang Province including majors of established advantages and prestige such as Clinical Medicine and Ophthalmology & Optometry as well as Psychiatry and Pediatrics that were newly established in 2016. It marks that WMU has been fully affirmed and recognized for its educational strength.

    Students accepted by WMU according to the First Grade Admission Qualification Line are winners with gratifying performance in Gaokao. As the enrollment results suggest, the Admission Qualification Lines for five majors including the Ophthalmology & Optometry (“5+3” Program), Clinical Medicine (“5+3” Program), Clinical Medicine (“5+3” Program for Pedestrians), Ophthalmology & Optometry (5-year Program) and Stomatology (5-year Program) are above the scores of candidates ranking the top 10000 in the province, making WMU the only provincial university to accept such excellent students. Notably, the students ranking the top 10000 in the province are usually enrolled by universities of Project 985 or Project 211 from other provinces and Zhejiang University. In particular, the Administration Qualification Line for the Ophthalmology & Optometry (“5+3” Program) ranks the 5084th by score in the Zhejiang Province and the highest score of accepted students is 652.

    As a medical university on the first list of colleges and universities in Zhejiang Province to offer tailor-made undergraduate programs, WMU has proposed and practiced the training mode of “Unified Provincial Enrollment and Examination under National Standards, and County Hospital Management of General Practitioners Working for Rural Grassroots Medical Institutions”, for which WMU was invited to attend the National Conference on Medical Education Reform and Development Work to share its experience. A total of 546 students are accepted into the Program training general practitioners for grassroots offered by Renji College, WMU. The students enrolled from 57 counties (cities and districts) will be studying in three majors including Clinical Medicine, Stomatology and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The scores for enrollment are apparently higher than past year as 95 students scoring above the First Grade Admission Qualification Line with the highest score of 609, marking that students and their parents are confident in the quality and outcome of the Program.

    By the afternoon of July 17, candidates can log onto the website: for enrollment results.

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