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  • HK’s Po Leung Kuk Visits WMU on Study Tour of Zhejiang Universities
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    A 70-member delegation of the Po Leung Kuk (PLK), a charitable organization in Hong Kong, visited Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) on their “Study Tour of Colleges and Universities in Zhejiang” on the morning of July 1. Vice President Cao Jianming made a speech at the welcoming meeting. Heads of relevant schools and offices of WMU including the Office of Teaching Affairs, the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education, Foreign Affairs Office, Office of H.K, Taiwan,and Macao Affairs also attended the meeting.

    Mr. Cao welcomed the visiting teachers and students from Hong Kong, saying that the visit coinciding with the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s Handover is a significant event. He said that Wenzhou is similar to Hong Kong in many aspects such as the geographical environment, the eating habits of the locals, and the pioneering and innovative city spirit. After explaining WMU’s spirit of making unremitting efforts to improve itself by analogies including “Making impossibles possible”, he welcomed more students from Hong Kong to study at WMU. 

    At the meeting, the delegation members were briefed about the talent cultivation, student enrollment, graduation and employment, and matters relating to the innovation and entrepreneurship of undergraduate students at WMU. They exchanged with the host on issues of their concern including enrollment requirements, academic programs, situations of Hong Kong students now studying at WMU as well as employment prospects for Hong Kong Students. 


    During their visit of the First Affiliated Hospital, delegation members personally took the emergency courses at the Clinical Skills Center.

    PLK’s “Study Tour of Colleges and Universities in Zhejiang” is reportedly organized by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education, during which the delegation will visit institutions of higher learning including WMU as well as enterprises in Zhejiang Province. The event is aimed to help them get a better understanding of colleges and universities in Zhejiang as well as the development of innovative technology of the province. 

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