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  • Graduation Season ||Wenzhou Medical University’s Class of 2017 Celebrated at Commencement Ceremonies
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    Youth is a time to sing and dance, a time to go for your dream! On the morning of June 27th, the second commencement ceremony for the Class of 2017 of Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) was held at the Student Activity Center on its Chashan Campus. WMU leaders including  Qiu Yi (WMU Party Committee Secretary), Lu Fan (WMU President), Lu Haipeng, Wang Liangxing, Cao Jianming, Chen Peigen and Zhang Huajie attended the ceremony. More than 3,300 undergraduate, graduate and college students were graduated at the sacred and memorable moment witnessed by heads of relevant schools and offices of WMU, teachers, alumni, and parents invited to attend the ceremony presided over by Vice President Cao Jianming. 


    President Lu Fan was the speaker for the ceremony. “Congratulations! You’ve just finished a theme of youth and fight, and arenow getting ready for a new chapter in your life. At this moment, full of curiosity and hope, we are all looking forward to more enchanting melody ahead. With boundless happiness and full confidence in your new journey, let me congratulate you on your achievements, let me share your joy and let me bid farewell to you all! When you looking back, you’ll find you are special in the long history of our school: you saw the change of name of this school and you are eyewitnesses to the stable growth of its comprehensive strength. You’ve experienced the moment when our school was accepted as a university jointly constructed by the Ministry of Education, the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the Zhejiang Provincial Government. You’ve been through days when experts from the Ministry of Education were evaluating the undergraduate programs of our school. I am proud that these experts gave you thumbs up! On behalf of this school, I thank you for what you’ve done for Wenzhou Medical University.”

    President Lu Fan catapulted her advice and reminder for the graduating students in her parting words of three sentences: Have faith in the power of dream as it sets out your vista and is your mission in life. Believe in the power of perseverance as the fiber and a quality of your being. Innovation is competence, a passion for life and something you should believe in. Citing a number of outstanding doctors, experts and alumni serving grassroots people in geographically inhospitable places such as plateau, island and border area, she encouraged the graduating students to believe in the power of dream, hold onto dreams, and practice medical profession in a down-to-earth manner.Reviewing the hardships encountered when developing the discipline of Ophthalmology & Optometry from scratch to sudden emergence and steady development, she encouraged the graduating students to believe in the power of perseverance, and grasp the opportunities for growth and making breakthroughs by virtue of unwavering faith and unremitting struggle. Using landmark achievements made by creative and innovative scholars in the history of Wenzhou Medical University as examples, she encouraged the graduating students to believe in the power of innovation, uphold the innovative and pioneering spirit, and constantly seek to create in the composition of a new chapter in life. In the end, Lu Fan expected all the graduating students to keep going forward and live out a life driven by “dream”, “perseverance” and “innovation”. 


    The bond that binds us is beyond the pain of parting. Ding Chunming, speaking on behalf of the faculty, reminded the graduating students of respecting life, keeping in mind the professional standards and requirements, and never crossing the bottom line in the aspects of moral and character. Representing alumni of Wenzhou Medical University, Chairman Guan Weili of Wenzhou Kangning Hospital Co., Ltd. (a Hong Kong listed company) recalled his over 20 years’ career in medical practice and hospital development, and encouraged the graduating students to be humble and never give up in the pursuit of medical profession as a life-long career. Looking back on five years of doing the master’s and doctoral degrees at Wenzhou Medical University, Zhu Siping as the representative of the graduate students spoke about the understanding that medical students in this new era should have both solid knowledge and a compassionate heart, and vowed to be a medical practitioner brave to take on heavy responsibilities. Yang Qiling, speaking for all the graduating college and undergraduate students, shared her life and growth at Wenzhou Medical University. She said, regardless of where she would be, she would always bear in mind medical students’ mission and would pass on the quality of being humble, hard-working, truth-seeking and pragmatic, which is the finest tradition of students at Wenzhou Medical University . 





    At the ceremony, to express their love and heartfelt gratitude, representative of the Class 2017 presented flowers to representatives of the outstanding teachers who cherish posts and devoted wholeheartedly to work. The school leaders presented awards to the provincial-level and WMU outstanding graduates, and letters of appointment and alumni exclusive medals for alumni liaison representatives.


    Stay true to the mission and keep moving forward! Led by Zhu Siping, the Class of 2017, with their right fists raised, excitedly took the oath of medical students of “health related, life entrusted” to draw a successful conclusion for the graduation ceremony. The Class of 2017, filled with gratitude for their alma mater and expectations of a beautiful future, are embarking on a brand new journey of life!

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