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  • President Lu Fan Speaks at the U.N. about China’s Healthcare and Medical Education
  • On the afternoon of May 5 local time, Professor Lu Fan, President of Wenzhou Medical University (WMU), gave a speech on China’s health care and medical education at the United Nations headquarters in New York. The event that has drawn wide attention and won great appreciation was the “debut” of WMU on the global stage since its entry into the United Nations Academic Impact Program (UNAIP). It marksa solid step towards WMU’s internationalization and new opportunities for development in its process of internationalization.

    The event was organized by the UN Chinese Mandarin Group and hosted by Dr. He Yong, the leader of the UN Chinese Mandarin Group and winner of the UN 21 Award (created by Boutros Boutros-Ghali, the then Secretary-General of the United Nations, as a part of his reform, the UN 21 Award was designed to commendUnited Nations staff noted for their pioneering and innovative spirit, high efficiency and outstanding performance in UN projects and services). More than 30 people from the UN Chinese Mandarin Group, the New York State University, the Confucius Institute, and America-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, along with reporters from theUN Chinese Radio, the China Press and other media, attended the event. 

    UNAIP is a global initiative that aligns institutions of higher education with the United Nations in advocating the internationally recognized “Ten Fundamental Principles” in the areas of culture, education, equality, environment, sustainable development, global cooperation and development, and dispute resolution to promote peace, cooperation and development. Since its official entry into UNAIP in March 2017, WMU now has the access to academic resources of the United Nations: WMU students may attend, either in person or via the Internet, “Classroom Sessions” held under the Program at the UN headquarters. WMU may invite UN specialists and experts to make presentations or interactive briefings on UN-related topics. Each UNAIP member institution is required to make active efforts in support of at least one of the “Ten Fundamental Principles” each year.


    In her speechdelivered in English, regarding China’s health care reform that has been attracting global attention, President Lu Fan, presentedthe achievements the country has made in more than 20 years in the past, citing statistics and illustrations. She also focused on how WMU has been responding positively to the national development strategy to improvetalent training quality, particularly presenting the efforts and achievements WMU has made in the cultivation of general practice medical talents.

    Dr. He Yong, leader of the UN Chinese Mandarin Group and winner of the UN 21 Award, commented that WMU is at the forefront of realizing a healthy life for all, the third on the list of 17 goals for sustainable developmentof the United Nations.

    “I have been to China 30 years ago. I am deeply impressed that China has made great progress in medical care and has made great contribution to raising the overall medical level in the world. It is great!” said Mr. Mansour, head of the Special Projects Division of the Public Information Department of the UN.

    A woman in the audience said that WMU is a fast growing university that has made a positive contribution in China’s health care reform. Itsapproach to achieving its own development by cashing in on the national health care reform is worth learning for other developing countries.


    According to President Lu, WMU is an institute of higher learning with a global visionlooking forward to working with universities and institutions around the world. WMU welcomes more top international talents to join in the joint efforts of cultivating medical talents with international perspective, so that the level of medical higher education in China can be constantly improved.


    At the meeting, Professor Lu Fan, on behalf of WMU, accepted the UNAIP membership certification. Prior to the meeting, Professor Lu Fan also exchanged with Xu Yongji, the Education Counselor atthe Chinese Consulate General in New York and Dr.David Heath, the President of College of Optometry of the State University of New York on the latest development in the research of optometry in China and the United States.

    Professor Lu Fan is China’s first graduate of the Sino-US joint doctoral degree program in optometry, and one of the well-known scholars and leaders in the field in China. Over the years, she has been actively engaged in visual health research and medical work, and has made outstanding contribution to international exchanges and cooperation in the field.

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