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  • 2017 International Forum on General Practice Education and Development of Medical Service Held in Wenzhou

    Jointly organized by Renji College of Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) and the General Practice Society of Wenzhou Medical Association, “2017 International Forum on General Practice Education and Development of Medical Service” was recently held at the New South Asia Hotel in Wenzhou. Nearly 300 participants including well-known experts in the field of general practice medicine from home and abroad, domestic community health service administrators, and general practitioners attended the Forum.

    21 symposia focusing on topics including “international general practice system construction and medical education”, “community mental health and rehabilitation”, “diagnosis and treatment in general practice in the age of Internet Plus”, “emergency treatment in general practice”, “training of general medicine talentstailored for targeted medical institutions” and 3 special training workshops including the “workshop on the training of general practice instructors” (case analysis and teachingdemonstration by case simulation) were held at the Forum.

    WMU President Lu Fan delivered a speech at the Forum. According to her, WMU has developed a mode with unique features and advantages for training the general practice undergraduates according to the tailored needs and requirements of the grassroots community. In the past two years, the school leadership and faculty have been thinking about how to develop the global vision of the general practice medical students to convince them of bright future and promising career. She expected to further strengthen WMU’s specialty of general practice through China-foreign joint course construction, joint training of faculty, and development of international exchange programs for the students. 

    In his report to the Forum, Prof. Geoff Riley, senior fellow of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Western Australia, presented the experience and practice involving Australia’s primary health care system and general practitioner system. In his view, general practitioners play a role as the “gatekeeper” and “triage doctor” of the entire primary health care system. High quality and standardized training of general practitioners are essential. In addition to the understanding ofmajor knowledge in each medical field, general practitioners also need to have good communication skills to properly handle doctor-patient relationship.

    Prof. Rhonda Clifford, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Western Australia, introduced the service models of general practice clinics in Australia with a focus on medication in community-level clinics. In the community, being a member of the team of medical partners formed with the general practitioner, the pharmacist plays a role in guiding, overseeing and ensuring the scientific use of medication for the team.

    Chen Zhengfang, the Director of the International Cooperation Office of the Health and Family Planning Commission of Zhejiang Province, presented what we can learn from the development of general practice in the United Kingdom, Australia and other countries in his report on “China’s General Practice from an International Perspective”. According to him, there is no other choice but to develop general practice in China. General practitioners should care about the physical health, mental health, social adaption and other aspects of the patient.

    Professor Qu Jia at WMU made a report entitled “The Wenzhou Mode and Practice: Cultivating and Training of General Practitioners”. He analyzed the current situation of lacking in health personnel at the grassroots and pointed out that “talent is the key to the success of China’s new medical reform”. Moreover, he put forward to establish a new management mechanism of general practitioners who are employed at the county-level medical institutions to work at the township level communities based on regional medical consortia, so that medical students may choose general practice as their career.

    Prof. Li Junwei at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Prof. Fang Lizheng at the Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital (SRRSH) Affiliated with Zhejiang University, Zhang Yinfan, a Division Chief from Wenzhou Health and Family Planning Commission, Prof. Huang Hanjin and Prof. Pan Jingye at WMU and other experts also delivered speeches at the Forum.

    At the forum, Prof. Geoff Riley was hired by WMU as a special advisor on general practice to help develop and expand the cooperation and joint construction in the field of general medicinebetween WMU and the University of Western Australia.

    During the special session of “training of general medicine talents tailored for targeted medical institutions” held at the Forum, Renji College held a ceremony for awarding the title of “community practice base” for 57 community health centers across Zhejiang Province, promising to work with these medical institutions in the five-year nonstop medical practice of general practice students.

    At present, 2412 medical students tailored for the targeted medical institutions are studying at Renji College, WMU. Since the start of the education of medical students tailored for grassroots communities in 2010, WMU has been actively exploring to reform the training model for medical talents tailored for the grassroots level. In 2012, WMU was approved by the then Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health, as one of the first batch of experimental higher education institutions for the “Outstanding Doctor Training Program”. In 2014, WMU was approved by the Ministry of Education and the State Administrative Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine to launch the “Outstanding Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor Education and Training Program”. WMU’s program for cultivating general practice talents tailored for targeted medical institutions won the second prize of the provincial teaching achievement award. In addition, the specialty of clinic medicine (general practice) was named as an emerging featured specialty during the 12th Five-year Plan period in Zhejiang Province.  

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