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  • Wenzhou Medical University- Southeast Asia Alumni Association Set up in Thailand

    On April 24, Wenzhou Medical University-Southeast AsiaAlumni Associationwas set up in Confucius Institute at Burapha University. It is an overseas alumni association of WMUsecond to its North America Alumni Association. Zhou Gaoyu, First Secretary and Chief of the Education Division in the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, Zhang Huajie, member of WMU Party Committee and Director of the United Front Works Department, Burapha Universityvice-presidentsMr.DomeSittivate and Mr.ChaiwitThanapaisal attended the founding meeting and delivered speeches to more than 180 WMU alumni present at the meeting.

    At the meeting, in his welcome speech, Mr.DomeSittivate extended the gratitude to WMU for the help and contribution to the development of the joint Confucius Institute at Burapha University. He said he was proud of being one of the alumni of WMU and expected the Southeast Asia Alumni Association to play a more significant role in promoting the development of the two universities.

    At the meeting, the By-law of Wenzhou Medical University-Southeast Asia Alumni Association was deliberated and passed. Mr.ChaiwitThanapaisal, the vice-president of Burapha University, was elected the president of the first Council elected by votes at the meeting.In his speech, he vowed, by working with all Council members, to make full use of the resources of Associationmembersand the Confucius Institute alumni and gather their wisdom and strength to better serve the society.

    WMU President Lu Fan sent a congratulatory video message to the guests and alumniat the meeting. She said, WMU is the “roots” of its alumni and alumni are the “branches and leaves” of WMU. She believes that the Alumni Association will play a major role in connecting WMUwith its alumniand will become a spiritual home to the alumni.

    Reportedly, more than 800 WMU alumni are now in 9 Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Singapore, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, and Bangladesh. They work as education experts, doctors, and outstanding administrators in governmental agencies and enterprises. The Southeast Asia Alumni Association of WMU will gather the resources, wisdom and strength of its members and the students of Confucius Institute to promote the exchange and cooperation in the education of medical students between WMU and Southeast Asian countries.

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