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  • WMU Helps “People Inspired by Norman Bethune” to Strike Roots
  • The 1stCouncil Meeting of Wenzhou Bethune Charitable Foundation Held in WMU

  • On the afternoon of April 4Wenzhou Medical UniversityWMUand its affiliated hospitals, the World-wide Wenzhouese Friendship Union, Xuejun Workshop of Wenzhou Evening News and other units jointly held the first council meeting of Wenzhou Bethune Charitable Foundation to exchange views on how to ensure the implementation of the charitable program of “People Inspired by Norman Bethune”. 

    Guangdong Winou International Trade Co., Ltd. (Winou) made the first donation of 2 million yuansupporting the launch of the Bethune Foundation. Chairman Jin Zhongfang of Winou, the Foundation founder and the executive chairman of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong, made an enthusiastic speech at the meeting. He said the donation made to help the program of “People Inspired by Norman Bethunen” was out of a sense of responsibility as well as humanistic feelings. Ye Jun, Deputy Director of the United Front Work Department (UFWD) of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee and Foundation consultant, expected the Foundation Council to strengthen publicity efforts to bring more businesses and people to support the “People Inspired by Norman” program. Zheng Xuejun, the secretary general of the Foundation and hostess of the Xuejun Workshop, spoke about the operation of the Foundation. Sun Gongduo, a Foundation consultant, also made a statement at the meeting. 

    According to Qu Jia who isthe supervising chairman of the Foundation and an adviser to WMU president, the “People Inspired by Norman” program has called for efforts to make donations to charity and the founding of Whenzhou Bethune Charity Foundation can effectively push forward the top-level design of the “People Inspired by Norman” program. With human, material and financial resources, WMU will spare no efforts to implement and promote the Program.

    In addition, topics regarding the running of the Foundation and the specific responsibilities of parties involved were discussed at the meeting.

    Aimed at inheriting and carrying forward the Bethune Spirit, the Foundation will implement the “People Inspired by Norman” program in support of health care and medical assistance to train medical staff and improve medical environmentfor medically underdeveloped areas.

    The Foundation will provide medical rescue and assistance to poverty stricken areas and poor people. By providing high-level medical technological services and resources, the Foundation will help train medical talents in medically underdeveloped regions to disseminate advanced medical technology and knowledge. The Foundation will help relieve the damage caused by natural calamities, accidents and public health events. The Foundation will provide support for free academic exchanges at home and abroad for the promotion of the sustainable development of the “People Inspired by Norman” program.

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