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  • Associate Vice Provost of UC Davis Visits WMU
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    On the morning of March 24th, Prof. Jan W. Hopmans, Associate Vice Provost and Professor of the Department of Land, Air and Water Resourcesof University of California at Davis (UC Davis),and Prof.Zhang Minghua, Director of the Research Institute of Water Environmental Application Technology at Whenzhou Medical University (WMU), visited WMU and met with Vice President Jin Shengwei. Leading officials of WMU’s International Cooperation&Exchange Office also attended the meeting.

    During the meeting, Vice President Jin Shengwei, on behalf of WMU, expressed a warm welcome to the UC Davis delegation. After updating each other on developments of the two schools, the two sides exchanged on the development and accomplishment of water pollution treatment and river management in Whenzhou in nearly a decade. The GIS Management and Decision-Support Platform of Wenruitang River, jointly established by UC Davis and WMU, has gained recognition and approval from the city government for its contribution to Wenzhou’s water environmental management.

    Prof.Jan W. Hopmans was honored by the Municipal Government of Wenzhouthe Yandang Friendship Award in October, 2016for his contribution to water pollution treatment. Prof.Hopmans said he would continue to promote cooperation between the two schools in water science and environmental ecology research and stressed the close relationship between water quality &safety and health. He expressed his affirmation for the development of Wenzhou’s existing environment and water management and was looking forward to the future cooperation between the two schools.

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