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  • Deputy Speaker of the Polish Senate Endorses WMU’s Huatuo Program
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    On the morning of March 4, President Lu Fan representing Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) and Wojciech Zaluska, Dean of II Faculty of Medicine with English Language Division representing the Medical University of Lublin, signed a cooperation agreement on the joint “Huatuo Program” at the Xuguang Hall on Chashan Campus. His Excellency Mr. GrzegorzCzelej, the Deputy Marshal (Speaker) of the Polish Senate and Chairman of the Polish Parliament’s Polish-Chinese Relations Group, made a special trip to witness the signing ceremony. Director Ge Yiping of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou Municipal People’s Congress, Deputy DirectorWang Xiaotong of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou Municipal People’s Congress, Deputy Mayor Zheng Chaoyang also attended the ceremony.

    The First Chinese-Polish Medical Educational Cooperation Program Launched in Response to the “Belt & Road” Strategy

    Launched in 2014 by WMU in cooperation with the Polish Medical University of Lublin as an effort to positively respond to China’s national development strategy of “Belt & Road” , “Huatuo Program” has received high attention from both countries as the first medical educational cooperation program between China and Poland. Mr. GrzegorzCzelej, a graduate of the Medical University of Lublin, has been actively promoting cooperation in various fields between China and Poland since taking the office of the Chairman of the Polish Parliament’s Polish-Chinese Relations Group in March, 2016. During his visit to China, he met with Zhang Dejiang , chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress. He said in an interview: “Witnessing the signing ceremony is a very important item on the itinerary of my visit to China. President Xi Jinping’s successful visit to Poland in last year has upgraded the relationship between the two countries to a comprehensive strategic partnership to enter a new development stage of bilateral relations. So far, the two countries have a very good cooperation in economic and trade.However, the comprehensive strategic partnership requires the further development in other areas, such as education. “HuatuoProgram” is the first cooperation program in clinical medicine between medical universities of the two countries. In my view, there is great potential and room for the Program.

    “I have just visited your Science Museum of Human Body. It reminds me of my freshman year at the Medical University of Lublin. Human Anatomy was one of the hardest courses for me at that time. The father of DeanWojciech Zaluskawas my teacher at that time. I never expected that I would come here with his son after 30 years!” said GrzegorzCzelej cordially to the student audience.

    Powerful Partnership for Cultivating International Medical Talents

    “Huatuo Program”aims to cultivate international medical talents with a humanity and natural science background, a broad global perspective, good communication skills, comprehensive medical expertise and proficient clinical medical skills. “Spring is the time for the growth of all living things, and our campus is also exceptionally beautiful in Spring. The Curie Bridge we just visited on our campus is to commemorate the Polish scientist Madam Curie. The scientific spirit she embodied has been a source of growth for our medical students and has been a witness to the friendship between China and Poland.” said President Lu Fan. According to her, the powerful clinical medical service capabilities and rich educational resources of WMU with a history of nearly 100 and the wealth of international medical education experience of the Medical University of Lublin can lay a solid foundation for medical educational cooperation for the two schools and the two countries. Both sides have done a great deal for the Program and a very good start has been made. DeanWojciech Zaluska said that they expected to carry out more cooperation programs and to invite Chinese professors to teach in Poland in the future. He believed that the cooperation would bear abundant fruits and the Program would also be a major milestone for educational cooperation between the two countries.

    Reportedly, the Program is designed for global enrollment and will be jointly implemented by both universities. After completing their studies in WMU and the Medical University of Lublin, students will be awarded MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine) degree from WMU and MD ( Doctor of medicine) degree from the Medical University of Lublin. Both sides expect to carry out more cooperation in medical education, research and clinical service with “Huatuo Program” as the beginning, so as to make contribution to China-Poland educational cooperation and exchanges as well as the “Belt & Road” construction.

    The Polish delegation headed by GrzegorzCzelej visited WMU’s Chashan Campus, Science Museum of Human Body, the New Area of the First Affiliated Hospital, and Ouhai Life and Health Town. When asked about his feelings after visiting the campus, he told the reporter: “WMU is one of the most beautiful colleges and universities I have been to. In fact, I, like many others in European universities, admire what you have.”




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