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  • First Air Medical Rescue Base in Southern Zhejiang Opens in First Affiliated Hospital
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    With roaring sounds, an orange helicopter landed firmly on the helipad at the First Affiliated Hospital to Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) at 3:30 pm, December 30. The emergency personnel standing by rushed the “patient” on board the helicopter to the Emergency Center just a few hundred meters away for rescue. It was only in a span of two minutes to get the patient to the Emergency Center after the helicopter touched down. 

    This occurred at the scene of an air medical rescue drill held by the First Affiliated Hospital. On the same day, the Hospital signed a cooperation agreement with Shanghai Kingwing General Aviation Co., Ltd. to build the first air medical rescue base in southern Zhejiang by integrating the abundant medical first aid resources of the Hospital and the helicopter service of the Company. President Lu Fan of WMU, Deputy Director Zuo Gaozhu of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou Municipal People’s Congress, Vice President Fan Dajun of Shanghai Kingwing General Aviation Co., Ltd. along with heads of relevant units of the provincial and municipal governments attended the signing ceremony and unveiled the Air Medical Rescue Base.


    Interrupted by sea, river and mountain, the geologically complex terrain of Wenzhou is unfriendly and even inaccessible to medical rescue in some cases. Therefore, developing air medical rescue is of great significance for improving the regional medical and health care services in Wenzhou. Moreover, it is an important measure of the First Affiliated Hospital to better serve people in the area. Air rescue operation can increase the patient survival rate by 25%, and thus greatly improving the efficiency of rescue. For example, it takes at least 1.5 hours to transport a patient from Wencheng County to the First Affiliated Hospital on the ground. By comparison, it took only more than 20 minutes to cover the distance of nearly 63 kilometers by lifting the “patient” from the Wencheng Branch to the Headquarters of the First Affiliated Hospital in the drill of the day.

    As the largest general hospital in the southern Zhejiang and Eastern Fujian, the First Affiliated Hospital will build the medical rescue system of “land, sea and air” with land operation as the focus and air rescue as a featured service in the future. The ancillary helicopter parking apron of the large Emergency Center on the new campus of the First Affiliated can accommodate all models of helicopters with the length below 14 meters. Shanghai Kingwing General Aviation Co., Ltd. , is a Class A general aviation company approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China with more than 300 helicopter pilots and maintenance staff members. The Company has participated in the relief and rescue operations of Wenchuan earthquake and other major disasters. Reportedly, the Italian made Augusta helicopter the Company owns is designed for professional medical institutions as it is equipped with breathing machine, defibrillator monitor, vacuum suction device, oxygen and other medical equipment. It is the equivalent of a small Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in the air and is able to provide patients with a good medical transit environment in the air.

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