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  • President Lu’s New Year Message: Hoist Your Sail When the Wind is Fair, Carry Forward Our Cause and Forge Ahead into the Future
  • Dear students, faculty & staff, alumni and friends:

    Out with the Old and in with the New Year, it is a moment of reluctant parting and a time of joyful celebration. With the New Year’s footsteps, the colorful picture scroll of 2017 has been unfolded! At this wonderful turn of the year, on behalf of Wenzhou Medical University (WMU), I would like to extend my most cordial greetings and most sincere wishes to all faculty & staff, students, retired veteran cadres and comrades, and alumni at home and abroad. I also wish to express my most heartfelt thanks and pay my highest tribute to friends who care for and support the development of WMU.

    Looking back on the golden and glorious year of 2016, we find it is a milestone year for the development of our Party and Country. In 2016, the CPC celebrated its 95th founding anniversary, vowing to remain committed to its mission and forge ahead. In the year of 2016, by inheriting the past and ushering in the future, our country made a good start of the 13th Five-year Plan for National Development Period with greater advancement. For Wenzhou Medical University, 2016 is a year of overcoming barriers and making up for inadequacies with united efforts to work for a brighter future. By fully implementing the spirit of the national and provincial education planning, WMU compiled the 13th Five-year Plan for the Development of Wenzhou Medical University, which sets out the strategic objectives and the main tasks of reform and development of the school in the next five years. To build it into a first-level university of research and applied sciences with unique features and international impact in China has become the common pursuit of all the people at WMU. Looking back on the year of 2016, thanks to our hard efforts, pioneering spirit and innovative thinking, we find our cause has shown a strong momentum of development in all aspects.

    The talent training work of WMU has been upgraded to a higher level with its importance and centrality being further highlighted in 2016: we achieved a smooth success in the undergraduate program teaching review and evaluation by the Ministry of Education as the nursing and pharmacy undergraduate programs passed the ministerial certification. In 2016, we deepened the reform of education and teaching, optimized the layout of discipline structure, supported the development of pediatrics, psychiatry and other highly demanded disciplines, and vigorously implemented the “Revitalization Plan for Pediatrics”. In 2016, with steadily improving quality of talent training, WMU was ranked among top institutions of higher learning in Zhejiang Province in terms of overall satisfaction level of graduates. WMU was ranked once again the 5th place nationwide in terms of the pass rate of the National Examination of Practicing Doctors’ Qualifications (the National Medical Licensing Examination, NMLE). In 2016, WMU also witnessed the further enhancement of its students’ ability in innovation and entrepreneurship. WMU students won the honorary titles including the “China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award”, “Xiaoping Science and Technology Innovation Team”, and 3 gold medals in the “2016 ‘Youth’ AVIC National College Entrepreneurship Competition”.    

    In 2016, WMU achieved new breakthroughs in both academic discipline construction and scientific and technological innovation: its discipline of Clinical Medicine ranked    the global top 0.3% in the ESI (Essential Science Indicators). WMU signed an agreement with the US Jackson Laboratory on the joint building of laboratories. WMU and the University of Queensland, Australia agreed to jointly build a precision medical center. In 2016, WMU also boasted of the approval of 127 projects applied for the funding of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 5 projects applied for the funding of the National Key Research and Development Program, and 7 projects applied for the funding of the National Social Science Fund. Moreover, WMU won 1 First Prize of the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Award, 1 Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award, and 1 First Prize of the Outstanding Scientific Research Output Award (Natural Sciences) for Institutions of Higher Learning by the Ministry of Education.

    In 2016, WMU has made significant progress in faculty development: WMU was chosen for the implementation of the National “Plan 111” (It will bring in about 1,000 overseas talents from the top 100 universities and research institutes worldwide. These experts will team up with domestic research infrastructures alongside the creation of 100 subject innovation centers to be set up in universities).Two WMU professors were newly recruited by the Recruitment Program of Global Experts (the “Thousand Talents Program of China”), two were newly recruited by the “Thousand Talents Program of Zhejiang”, two were named as members of the “Young and Middle-aged Leading Scientists, Engineers and Innovators” of the Ministry of Science and Technology, one was honored as a “Young and Middle-aged Expert with Outstanding Contribution in Zhejiang Province”, seven were selected as the candidates for the “151 Talent Program of Zhejiang” and three teachers were honored the title of “Zhejiang Provincial Outstanding Teacher”. With more reasonable talent composition and structure, smooth change of mid-level leadership and success of post-oriented employment, all of us are more united, more comfortable and more vigorous in work. 

    In 2016, WMU has taken new steps to go global: WMU was chosen for the “Project of Building Institutions of Higher Learning Featured with Internationalization of Education”. The joint undergraduate degree program in nursing and the joint doctoral degree program in ophthalmology and optometry became model programs of China-foreign joint educational programs in Zhejiang Province. WMU joined in international educational alliances including “China-US ‘1+2+1’ Talent Cultivation Plan” and “China-CEEC Association of Universities and Colleges”. WMU started the cooperation with Lund University of Sweden for a joint PhD program in clinical medicine and set up in collaboration with the Polish Medical University of Lublin a Huatuo College in Poland.

    In 2016, WMU has also made headway in its capabilities and performance in providing medical services: with the in-depth advancement of the strategy of “Dispatching and Allocating Excellent Medical Talents and Resources to Hospitals at the Grassroots Level to Improve Their Capabilities and Efficiency in Providing Health Care Services”, WMU has been actively involved in serving the social-economic development. The First Affiliated Hospital of WMU has jumped among top hospitals in the country by the scale of service provision and has become increasingly influential for building itself a “Smart Hospital”. The Second Affiliated Hospital has started the joint construction of a top-level (Grade 3, A Level) hospital with the government of the Oujiang River Estuary New Area, and the Affiliated Women and Children’s Hospital of Taizhou with the government of Taizhou. The Affiliated Eye Hospital was ranked among top eye hospitals in China by comprehensive as well as academic strength in the field of ophthalmology. The Affiliated Hospital of Stomatology signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Ouhai District Health and Family Planning Bureau on building a medical alliance. In 2016, WMU also saw the growing influence of its medical charity work: projects including “Project Bright Eyes”, “Charity Cataract Surgery Program”, “Project Smile”, “Thumbs Up Project”, and “People Inspired by Norman Bethune in China” were highly affirmed and applauded by both government and the society. In particular, the “Blood Bank” program won the gold medal of the 3rd China Young Volunteer Service Project Competition.

    In 2016, we have broken new ground in building a harmonious WMU. We have conscientiously studied and implemented the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth CPC Central Committee and the National Conference on the Ideological and Political Work of Institutions of Higher Learning. We have solidly carried out the “Two Studies and One Action” Campaign (the education campaign asking all Party members to study the Party Constitution and rules, as well as remarks made by General Secretary of the CPCCC Xi Jinping and to become qualified Party members) and have progressively pushed forward the construction of the Party conduct and the clean and honest government. We have constantly raised the level of governance by law by establishing and perfecting the implementation mechanism of the school charter. Supportive conditions have continued to optimize in 2016: we have completed the second phase construction of the Human Body Science Museum, the construction of the Biomedical Research Building while the construction of the Dongtou Campus has been progressing steadily. In addition, the construction of campus culture has been accelerating, and the WMU motto of “Humaneness, Reverence, Diligence, Plainness;Make Efforts and Seek Truth” has been more extensively manifested. 

    Looking back, we are proud for hard efforts we have made and fruitful results we have achieved in 2016. Looking ahead to 2017, we are high-spirited in the face of heavy responsibility on our shoulders.

    In the New Year, we should implement the strategy of “gaining a foothold for the school by disciplines with unique advantages and characteristics, developing the school by culture, and strengthening the school through talents” in an all-around way according to the requirements of “doing solid work, walking in the forefront and riding the tide of the times” and the objective of building WMU into a high-level medical university. In the New Year, we must adhere to the morality education as a fundamental task by incorporating the ideological and political work throughout the whole process of education and teaching to achieve the full, complete and all-round education of talents. In the New Year, we must firmly grasp the main task of improving the teaching quality, deepen the integrated construction of medical service, teaching and research work, and improve the overall quality of teachers in a coordinated way. With the integration of advanced educational philosophy, we should continue to promote comprehensive reform of education and teaching to greet the grand opening of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China with more fruitful results and more outstanding achievements!

    With the beginning of the New Year, everything takes on a new look. With the Chime of the New Year, let us, hand in hand, embark on a new journey to translate ideals and ambitions into practice and jointly write a beautiful new chapter in the reform and development of our school with the unity of our hearts and minds, the strength of action and the power of hard work! I sincerely wish you a happy New Year, good health, happiness for your family, and good luck in everything!


    Lu Fan


    January 1st, 2017

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