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  • Project under National Key R & D Program Launched in Affiliated Eye Hospital

  • The launching ceremony of the project entitled “Study on the Key Microtubules Technology for Optic Nerve Regeneration Based on Axon Orientation” under the National Key Research and Development Program was recently held in Wenzhou. The Affiliated Eye Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) will be the leading unit responsible for the implementation of the Project. At the ceremony, Vice President Jin Shengwei of WMU delivered a speech. Relevant leaders from WMU’s Department of Science and Technology and the Affiliated Eye Hospital also attended the meeting.

    The Project of “Study on the Key Microtubules Technology for Optic Nerve Regeneration Based on Axon Orientation” is one of the first batch of projects supported by the National Key Research and Development Program during the period of the 13th Five-year Plan. Approved in June 2016, the Project is to be implemented in a period of 4 and half years. The Project proposes to construct a suitable biological micro-environment in the area where optic nerve has been injured by designing a three-dimensional nerve regeneration microtubules with axonal orientation-inducing function to promote the repair of injured nerve in a highly efficient way. The Project consists of four sub-projects to be implemented by WMU, the Affiliated Eye Hospital, the National Institutes for Food and Drug Control and Guangzhou Youvision Biotechnology Co., Ltd., respectively.

    At the meeting, the Project Steering Expert Committee was established. The Committee is composed of scholars and experts in clinical medicine, material science, medical equipment application & approval management and financial management including Prof. Qu Jia (Vice Chairman of the Chinese Medical Association of Ophthalmologists and President of the Affiliated Eye Hospital of WMU),  Prof. Fan Xianqun (Distinguished Professor of “The Yangtze River Scholar Program”by the Ministry of Education and Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee of Shanghai Jiaotong University), Prof. Liu Zuguo (Distinguished Professor of “The Yangtze River Scholar Program” by the Ministry of Education and President of the Medical College of Xiamen University), Professor Ding Jiandong (Distinguished Professor of “The Yangtze River Scholar Program” by the Ministry of Education and Director of the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Engineering of Polymers at Fudan University), Prof. Ji Jian (Distinguished Professor of “The Yangtze River Scholar Program” by the Ministry of Education and Deputy Director of the Biomedical Polymers Research Institute of Zhejiang University), Prof. Xia Xiaobo (Director of Ophthalmology Institute of Central South University and Director of Ophthalmology Department, Xiangya Hospital), Prof. Xu Xian (Deputy Director of Stem Cell Transplantation and Cell Therapy Center, Daping Hospital, Third Military Medical University), Prof. Wang Chunren (Director of the Office of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering of the National Institutes for Food and Drug Control), and Ma Baohuan (Director of the Financial Department of the China Institute of Veterinary Drug Control). Prof. Qu Jia was elected as the head of the Project Expert Steering Committee.

    Vice President Jin Shengwei, on behalf of WMU, congratulated the official launch of the Project. He said that the school will provide support in policy guidance, funding and talent introduction in the hope that the research can achieve high level results and contribute to the promotion of the overall research level WMU. As the Affiliated Eye Hospital is the leading research unit of the Project, all of its staff members are keenly aware of the important responsibility that they shoulder and have attached great importance to making progress in the implementation of the Project. All resources and manpower of the hospital will be mobilized and utilized for the timely completion of research requirements, quality and quantity guaranteed.

    At the meeting, the project leader, Prof. Wu Wencan of the Affiliated Eye Hospital, introduced the overall situation, assessment indicators, implementation mechanism and funding requirements of the Project. Leaders of the sub-projects also reported the tasks, detailed plans for implementation and coordination mechanisms.

    After the briefing, the experts present said, the Project is of great significance and the R & D of related products will open up new ways for the repair of injured optic nerve. However, as the research faces highly difficult challenges, the Project research team shall strengthen the development of key technologies and the application of intellectual property rights as well as carry out clinical research as soon as possible. The experts also gave guidance on the settlement of relevant scientific problems, the realization of Project objectives and the standard expenditure of financial funds.

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