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  • Key Laboratory of Technology and Application of Model Organisms of Zhejiang Province
  • The establishment of the Key Laboratory of Technology and Application of Model Organisms of Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou Medical University was formally approved by the Zhejiang Province in 2009. The Key Laboratory of Technology and Application of Model Organism of Zhejiang Province has already established three research divisions which are focused on:environmental toxicology, functional study of disease related genes, and development of animal models for human chronic diseases. Paying attention to the research and development of the mode of biological technology and application in the field of independent intellectual property rights、ecology and health,it has established a model of biological research system with obvious characteristics, which is mainly of E. coli, nematodes, zebrafish and mice. The laboratory has 46 permanent staff members, of which 15 are high titles, vice- senior title 9, 16 middle titles,the personnel proportion of having vice- senior title or Ph.D degree is 81.8%. Now the construction area of laboratory space has more than 2 thousand square meters , and equipment assets worth about 30 million RMB. Key Laboratory of Technology and Application of Model Organisms of Zhejiang Province consists with laboratory of advanced molecular biology、laboratory of cell biology、laboratory of biological chemistry、laboratory of biological chemistry、laboratory of insect breeding room、intelligent artificial climate chamber and large-scale SPF(specific pathogen free) Animal Centers. Over the past five years, the laboratory has closely followed the trend of the development of life science, series of scientific research and scholarly communications have been carried out in the laboratory, and remarkable results have been achieved.


    In the past five years, our laboratory has published 131 papers (including 82 SCI papers) and 3 textbooks,has obtained 16 Chinese national invention patents,has assumed 20 national projects、12 provincial projects、5 crosswise task. Its funds totals 15,000,000 RMB. Among them, "the cell membrane surface anchorage modification technology and the new tumor cell vaccine", "the research on paraquat acute poisoning treatment mechanism and intervention" were awarded the Zhejiang science and Technology Award first prize and second prize separately.  Besides,it initially established a platform integrated production、study and research. It is particularly worth mentioning that Li Chunqi, founder of the Hangzhou Polytron Technologies Inc ("watt watt biological", stock code: 834413), on December 18, 2015 formally listed on the new board bell, pointed at the new blue see of tens billions of professional outsourcing services (CRO) .The enterprise is the first application of Chinese zebrafish model in high flux, outsourcing service of high-tech companies in the automation of drug screening and environmental toxicology and risk assessment, mainly to provide chemical、biological、medicine and natural medicine research、compound efficacy and toxicity evaluation、environmental toxicology and food safety evaluation and other professional outsourcing services, its market positioning is CRO preclinical market.


    In the past five years, the lab introduced talents such as one person from the Royal Academy of Sciences、one person from the National high-level talents special support plan (thousands of people plan)、three persons from the thousands of people plan in Zhejiang Province,produced one person in 151 talents project.  In addition, the new equipment worth nearly 10 million RMB.


    The laboratory has established the perfect mechanism to go abroad for further study, selected promising young researchers with strong dedication to the foreign advanced laboratory. It has established good cooperative relations with international first-class universities such as Stanford University、New York University、Duke University、Indiana University,、Dezhou University of the Health Sciences Center、University of Toronto. Over the past five years, 6 visiting scholars、8 doctoral students and 22 graduate students in total were sent to study in these universities. For example, director of the laboratory Professor Gao Jimin has established close cooperative relations with Katherine Siminovitch and Andras Nagy—Royal Canadian Academy in the University of Toronto—in autoimmune disease genomics and individualized treatment、gene modified mesenchymal stem cells and clinical applications of scientific research. And four graduate students have been sent there for combined training.Vice director of the laboratory,Professor HuangChangjiang,has maintained long-term and close cooperation in scientific research with the Oregon State University professor from Robert Tanguay research team.The study by Professor Tanguay has played a very important role to enhance the level of animal model of zebrafish in our laboratory. Meantime, It has established long-term cooperative relations with the domestic famous universities such as the Nanjing University research animal model、Military Medical Science Academy of the PLA in Beijing、CDC virus disease prevention control virus China Gene Engineering National Key Laboratory、Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics Laboratory of nano electrochemical sensor、the Institute of high energy physics nano Center Academy、Chinese inspection and Quarantine Institute. Within five years it has nurtured 12 postgraduate students and 8 master students by cultivation of combination. In addition, each laboratory actively carry out laboratory advocacy activities through the content and open place to study science, popularize scientific knowledge to the public, improve the scientific consciousness, promote scientific research and education development.


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    Jimin Gao, Ph.D




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