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  • Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Genetics
  • Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Genetics is approved by Science and Technology Hall of Zhejiang province,  Development and Reform Commission of Zhejiang province as well as Zhejiang Finance. It is supported by Wenzhou Medical University and supervised by Professor Lv Jianxin as the laboratory director. The laboratory aims to do researches on the genetic basis of genetic disorders and its etiology and pathogenesis in order to accomplish diagnosis, prevention and treatment on some genetic diseases.

    Rewards for Scientific Researches: 12th Five-Year Plan period, the research on Iron sulfur clusters synthesis mechanism and iron sulfur protein function and application from Professor Lv  was awarded the first prize for science and technology progress prize of Zhejiang province in the year of 2011. The research on mitochondrial dysfunction in maternal genetic hypertension and pathogenic mechanisms in the deaf disease carried out by the laboratory was awarded the first prize for science and technology progress prize of Zhejiang province in the year of 2015. The development on bacteria associated with disease resistance gene chip carried out by Professor Bao Qiyu was awarded the third prize for science and technology progress prize of Zhejiang province in the year of 2015. 

    Teaching Material Monograph: Professor Lv, as one of the chief director, wrote Inspection Diagnosis of Common Diseases and it was published by People's Medical Publishing House in 2015.  Discipline members Jin Longjin, Wang Xiaoxia and Long Yongliang were the chief directors of The Test of the Birth Defects and Hereditary Diseases, Test in the Diagnosis of Diseases of the Blood System and Inspection of Animal Comorbidities. Besides, Clinical and Molecular Biology wrote by Professor Lv during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. Molecular Diagnostics wrote by Professor Liwei was identified as the national medical colleges medical test technology for teaching. In addition, laboratory members wrote Medical Genetics, Free Radical Biology & Medicine and Medical Cell Biology etc.

    Research Projects: 12th Five-Year Plan period, the laboratory’s scientific research project has maintained a good development momentum. It has got 49 kinds of  scientific funds such as 973 scientific fund, 863 scientific fund as well as Natural Science Foundation of China. 18.5201 million Yuan has reward for it as research funding. 

    Domestic and International Academic Exchanges and Cooperation: Key laboratory has been always keeping good collaborative relationships with Duke University, USA, State University of New York, University of Texas, Louisiana State University, The University of Cincinnati Children's Medical Center, University of Saskatchewan etc. 12th Five-Year Plan period, Laboratory members Li Xiang, Wang Huili, Liu Zhen, Li Wei and Gu Minghua went to University of Kentucky, University of California-Davis, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Colorado Hospital for further education. Scientific research cooperation have been carried out by them. They also applied for amounts of subjects and the cooperative effects were remarkable. Meanwhile, laboratory director Professor Lv Jianxin and deputy director Professor Lv Bin went abroad taking part in AACCNACCCAInternational Conference on Mitochondrial Pathology etc. They all have positive effects on improve the laboratory in the academic field's influence and popularity.    

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