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  • Key Laboratory of Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Engineering of Zhejiang Province
  • Zhejiang Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Engineering Laboratory was formally established in 2007 by the school to invest 30 million yuan. Li Xiaokun as the central figure in the team,and he is the Yangtse Rive Scholar. The team is one of the earliest team in prokaryotic expression and genetic engineering, drug development research.


    These are part of the core members of this team, 32 researchers, many of them were awarded the National Medal with rich experiences, and a number of foreign experts from different famous international universities. Our team pays attention to personnel training and encourages international cooperation. The Key Laboratory has an advisory committee of well-known domestic and foreign pharmacy experts and engages leading scholars from famous universities abroad to serve as honorary, distinguished, or visiting professors. And also has built a well-structured, high-caliber faculty. The Key Laboratory actively expands international exchanges and cooperation and has established partnerships with world-class universities such as Harvard University, Rockefeller University, University of Louisville, and University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, including Professor Moosa from New York university college of medicine is famous in the world in FGFs fieldet al.


    Our research focus on Fibroblast growth factors, a comprehensive and systematic explain the role of the members in the field of biological development, metabolism, signal transduction, functional recovery. Until now, it has found 23 FGFs family members in total, namely FGF-1 to FGF-23. Here we can see the basic structure of the FGF, it can be learned that the expression of FGF and its branch of the family in the different developing stages of human.


    In recent years, the Key Laboratory has received National Technological Invention Award, Chinese Medical Association/ Pharmaceutical Association Technology Award, and China Association of Integrative Medicine Technology Award. The school has undertaken a number of major national projects funded by National Major Drug Discovery Project, 863 Program, and 973 Program, The school has obtained 65 National Natural Science Foundation projects and 72 projects at the provincial and ministerial levels, with a total funding of 35 million RMB, which is not including the matching funds offered by the Wenzhou Medical University. The Key Laboratory published 286 papers in SCI journals, 34 papers in top JCR division and has appeared as lead author affiliation in industry-leading Journals such as Cell Metabolismimpact factor 17.56)、Mol Cellimpact factor 15.63),Circulation impact factor 14.43)、J Hepatologyimpact factor 11.33)、Trends Pharmacol Sciimpact factor 11.53)、PNASimpact factor 9.67)、Biomaterialsimpact factor 8.56)、Diabetesimpact factor 8.14and other magazine with international influence. At the same time, we also carried out a large number of engineering technology research and development, use SUMO system to express FGF protein, this technology has been put into production, and get the achievements, also obtain a patent, such as safflower oil in use.Two research outcomes have been tested in space onboard "Shenzhou VIII" space capsule. The Key Laboratory has been highly praised by industry experts for hosting a number of international conferences including Global Chinese Growth Factors Development Summit Forum, Hong Kong Symposium on Obesity and Diabetes, and China-ROK Bio-industry Exchange Meeting. Our research in protein drug and industry, has been report by lots of famous publications, including BBC and Lancet,J neourosurg spine》和《wound rep reg, positive comments about the achievements of clinical study on burns and pressure alcer. It was also be recommended in the medical handbook in Europe, USA and Austrilia. Our team has been awarded for national award for science and technology progress (First and Second grade awards), just for our achievements in biotechnology medicine and translational research.


    The Key Laboratory has a total lab area of 3000 square meters and a total of over 300 instruments, including 55 advanced scientific instruments such as flow cytometer, confocal microscope, protein quadrupole mass spectrometer, atomic absorption spectroscope, gas chromatograph mass spectrometer, liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer, and 600MHz NMR. The Key Laboratory implements an increasingly mature internship and industry-university-research cooperation system, which includes six field training bases, five university-run technological businesses, and 48 affiliated hospitals, teaching hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. Ten clinical pharmacy research divisions and six discipline development bases in pharmacology and biochemical pharmacy supported by the Zhejiang Province Top Priority Disciplines Program have been established in the internship bases.


    Industry partners
    We attach great importance to cooperation among businesses, colleges, ad research institutes. We have established the country's first university-led, state-certified GAP base for Chinese medicinal materials. We have founded Zhejiang Grostre Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Medical University Biological and Natural Medicine Research Center, Wenyi Tianrui Curcuma Zedoary Technology Development, Wenzhou Anderson Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Wenyi Training Pharmacy, where we apply technology to drive business growth and promote product development. As a result, we are able to provide more employment opportunities for our outstanding students while promoting local economic development.


    Base on the research in the past 25 years, our lab focus on the FGFs protein drug research, combine the basic research and translational application, try to establish new research system and famous platform, to become national center of bioengineering and key lab of ministry of education or science.



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