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  • Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Anesthesiology
  • The Department of Anesthesiology of Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) declared to set up the Provincial Key Laboratory of Anesthesiology in 2011, which is the first top key laboratory of anesthesia in Zhejiang, as well as the third provincial top key lab in China. It has developed into the outstanding role in Zhejiang Province on various aspects such as medical care, teaching, research, management, development of discipline as well as social services, which is the provincial core of research and teaching aspect now. It also has great influence and reputation in domestic anesthesia community, especially in pediatric anesthesia which has occupied the leading position on behalf of our national level.

    Our lab attaches to multidiscipline platforms including Provincial Top Key Discipline of Clinical Medicine-Anesthesiology (2011), Provincial Top Key Discipline of Surgery-Anesthesiology (2009), Provincial Medical Supported Disciplines-Anesthesiology (2011), Provincial Medical Innovation Subject-Environmental Medicine (2011) and Rapid Recovery of anesthesiology (2016), the Scientific and Technical Innovation Team of Anesthesiology in Wenzhou (2011), Wenzhou Key Laboratory of Anesthesiology (2009), the Institute of Neuroendocrinal Medicine in WMU (2011), Clinical Research Center in Critical Care after Trauma Anesthesia by University of Birmingham and Wenzhou Medical University (2011), the training base and center of precise pediatric anesthesia as well as patient controlled epidural analgesia technology by Chinese Society of Anesthesiology (2011), and postdoctoral station of Anesthesiology in WMU. The laboratory has developed from the initial single morphological lab to a multidiscipline research center, covering cell culture, animal behavior, electrophysiology, chromatography, morphology and molecular biology. It covers 2,000 square meters and the original value of equipment reaches 20 million yuan, including 76 instruments, each of whose value costs over 10000 yuan. In particular, we have appointed special technicians in charge of patch-clamp settings, mass spectrometry, tissue microarray and quantitative PCR, thus relevant research have been well conducted regularly.

    In our talent team, we have 6 professors and 13 associate professors, who all have the overseas working or studying experience. Especially, the team led by professor Qingquan Lian was awarded as the Innovation Team by Zhejiang Department of Education (2011). In addition, we have many excellent colleagues who have been awarded national or provincial titles, such as one awarded National thousands of people plan, two Provincial thousands of people plan, two Wenzhou  "580 Program” ownners, three distinguished professor offered by Wenzhou Medical University, two Provincial "151 Talents Project "second level, six Wenzhou" 551 Talents Project " and one Wenzhou Young Talents. Two of us serve in the international academic Committee and twelve in national academic Committee. More than half of staff has obtained doctoral degree and one fourth are professors.

    For the research interests, we have formed our own distinct characteristics, mainly focusing on pediatric anesthesia, neurosurgical anesthesia, perioperative organ protection, basic and clinical research of pain, local and regional anesthesia, reproductive endocrinology, anesthesia and cognitive/brain development, environmental toxicology and narcotic drugs addiction which have made acknowledged achievements approved by domestic fellows and taken the leading place in Zhejiang. While carrying out the basic research in the lab, we also continue to strengthen the research translation capacity and actively cooperate with enterprises. So far we have conducted the following collaborations: invention of children intravenous target-controlled infusion (TCI), development of the curcumine and its derivatives as the target of 11β-HSD, invention of rail lumbar epidural needle, research of capacity kinetics on children, preventive effect of curcumin on Alzheimer's disease, improvement of series consumable supplies of pediatric anesthesia and invention of monitoring technology on depth of pediatric anesthesia, which have achieved remarkable progress and attracted more companies to join us.

    During the past five years, we have published totally 71 SCI papers as corresponding author or first author, and owned 1 foundation of sub-topics of State 973, 34 grants from National Natural Science Foundation of China, 38 from provincial research foundation and 70 from bureau-level foundation. Some of the achievements have access to nine authorized patents, including 4 invention patents. In addition, we have edited eleven books. The relevant outstanding results have been awarded 8 Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress Prize and 21 items of bureau-level awards.

    For a long time, we have been concerning on the training of innovation ability and comprehensive quality of our talent team. In recent years, we established long-term and stable cooperation on scientific research and personnel training partnership with several international well-known institutes or academic laboratories, such as Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University in Chicago, Rockefeller University, UK Imperial College, University of Birmingham, University of Hong Kong, Karolinska University, and Germany Graven Medical Center. So far, we have built the relationship with 16 visiting professors and 59 foreign experts, and sent 24 staff for training in these well-known universities or labs and had 6 joint-supervision doctoral students. In addition, we also pay attention to the graduate study. 230 students have obtained master degree, 8 with doctoral degree and 829 with bachelor degree.

    We have established sound lab management system, insisting on the combining principles of ‘openness, advancement, innovation’ and the "open, flowing, cooperative, and competitive" operating mechanism. In practice, we have independent financial system and reasonable academic structure. Usually, we have regular meetings of the Academic Committee and discuss the direction of research programs. In the future, we will further strengthen the opportunities of personnel training and introduction of talents according to the need of research work and enhance our international academic competitiveness.


    The main research interests and principle investigators:

    Pediatric anesthesia, anesthetic pharmacology and toxicology: Lian Qingquan, Ma Daqing, Lin Han, Liu Huacheng


    Perioperative pretection on major organ function: Gao Fang, Jin Shengwei, Li Jun, Xia Zhengyuan,Shangguan Wangning


    Reproductive toxicology of environmental pollutants: Ge Renshan, Lin Han


    Basic and clinical research of Pain: Cao Hong , Zhan Gonghao



    Prof. Qingquan Lian

    Tel: 86-0577-88002927




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