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  • The Key Laboratory of Watershed Science and Health in Zhejiang Province
  • The Key Laboratory of Watershed Science and Health in Zhejiang Province was established in 2015 to conduct research on the relationship between the ecological environment and human health. The key laboratory is housed in the College of Public Health Management at Wenzhou Medical University, and relying on Southern Zhejiang Water Research Institute. The Key Laboratory has 40 staff members, more than 90% of them having PhDs or senior professional titles. Professors Randy Dahlgren and Minghua Zhang are academic leaders for the key laboratory, and hold Zhejiang Province Thousand Talents Plan distinguished professorships.

    The research of Key Lab focused on the phenomenon that similar distribution pattern of environmental pollution and human health in a watershed. So the team integrates hydro-biogeochemistry, EGIS technology and environmental informatics, and environmental engineering with biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, preventative medicine and public health to address critical issues in the relationship between watershed science and ecological/human health.

    The key laboratory has three major research directions: (1) water environmental information technology; (2) water pollution monitoring, mechanisms and restoration; and (3) environmental pollution and human health risk.

    The laboratory has made major progress in issues related to water quality, environmental monitoring, analytical technologies, ecological restoration, and health risk assessment. Recent projects include water quality studies of the Wenruitang River and Shanxi reservoir using GIS and simulation models to guide water resources management and conservation and ecological restoration in Zhejiang Province.

    The key laboratory has conducted more than 50 research projects and holds more than 20 patents at the national, provincial and municipal levels. They have published more than 150 papers (more than 100 papers published in SCI indexed journals) including papers in Nature Climate Change, Neurobiology of Aging, and leading international journals in environmental and health research. The research platform provides the opportunity for both basic and applied research, major multidisciplinary research projects, technological transformations, international cooperation and exchange, and personnel training. The Key Laboratory is making important contributions to ecological and human health research in Zhejiang province.


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