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  • Medical laboratory for Ministry of Education
  • Medical laboratory for Ministry of Education (Wenzhou Medical University) is the second key laboratory among laboratory medicine field in China. It was built in 2009 and accepted in 2012.

    The laboratory is based on medical laboratory specialty of Wenzhou Medical Universityand it is supported by clinical laboratory diagnostics " priority " subject of Zhejiang province. Combined with actual demand of the basic research and clinical in our country, it has formed three research directions: Inspection and the mechanism of mitochondria related diseases,②Inspection and the mechanism of tumor immune diseases associated with inflammation,③Inspection and the mechanism of metabolism related diseases.

    During the last five years, laboratory members have undertaken more than 59 provincial-level research projects and the longitudinal research fund reaches to more than 34 million yuan; There are three horizontal topic research funding to more than 2 million yuan, the laboratory real per capita scientific research funds is more than 653 thousand yuan. It contains National High-tech Research and Development Projects (863), National S&T Planed Projects (973) as well as other important projects concerning  Hong Kong, Macao and overseas scholars collaborative research funds, international ( regional ) cooperation and exchange programs and other international cooperation projects. It has published 136 SCI essays., a single highest cited 79 times, the articles were quoted 12 . 52 times. 27 patent for inventions has been applied and 15 of them was authorized.

    The operating mechanism of “Open , Flow , Joint , Competition” was carried by laboratory. The running mode of “Laboratory – Clinical – Enterprise” was based on the notion of cooperation and sharing. The laboratory aims to explore new mode of development of laboratory medicine, fully integrating resources, complementary advantages , interdisciplinarity and talent; In addition, it focuses on the application of basic research and achievements and application as well. Laboratory has become a domestic first-class , international standards , research base with original innovation ability , talents cultivation base .


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